An RP guild

Just wondering if there is any RP guild out there that would accept a DH~ :smiley:

Slaps roof of link.

This bad boy can hold so many Horde guilds!

If you want even more information, you can also browse this forum to find the guilds that are actively recruiting here. Like the one I’m in!

And once you get in game, you’ll meet even more great guilds. They may not advertise, but lots of them are sure to be full of great people who’d be more than willing to accept a Demon Hunter character.


Red Wolves is recruiting somes 18+ and mature players. We are around 10 members. We are a little bit PvE but RP oriented for the most. We have a event planned for this saturday at 1AM EST time. We are active after midnight EST time. We accept 1 alt per player. We got a Discord.

Our RP backstory is a wolfpack thats’ look to help Horde citizen in need. We might get it better through. We look for Orcs mostly but we accept every races.

You can Whisper me(Gunghar) around midnight. I’m usually on around midnight. Hope to have you in!

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