An Open Letter: Please Blizzard, fix Wild Growth!

While this is technically true, many healers want to parse as well.

Im a minority in the dps because i dont really care about parses. Ill take the odd jobs in the raid happily, even if it means i lose dps.

as an exampke on iron council i run aspect of the wild for the group. I regularly have to balance between serpent eting and viper sting to have enough mana for the final part of that fight on hard mode.

But it makes it much smoother for the healers to heal through.

thats the bare minimum i ask for and i have agreed player > pets. but when a player isn’t in the immediate point of death a hot or direct heal is always appreciated to my little minion. we pet classes do appreciate those little bits of love toward out pets.

A buddy of mine who plays rdruid as well says blizz said that was the intended way for WG to work, which, if true, should be a situation where changes are warranted, as its really stupid.


I’m sure your healers appreciate you. And frankly, if you have good raiders healer parse tends to be lower because people are taking less damage. For healers it’s just not a good metric for gauging ability.


again i’m not opposed to a spell being fixed. where did i say i wanted the spell not to be fixed. i’m reinforcing what red said about you guys don’t heal pets. very few healers will ever toss a heal to a pet. and as i said they don’t count toward your guys parses. but if they did you’d never see a pet die.

they actually replied to my thread on the issue as such. even if it worked that way in OG doesnt mean it shouldnt be fixed especially when other heals do use proper smart healing.

Appreciate your bumping this issue

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Thank you! The more actual druids we have commenting on this issue the better.

I have a resto druid. Im not very good at it as i dont heal very often, but i do play a resto druid i can say when WG works properly it is great. When i throw a WG on a target and it only hits 1 player and hoes on 5 army of the dead ghouls, it feels REALLY bad. Especially if it results in a death.

As an example durring EoE 10 man the vortex spell that pulls everyone up, i switched to my druid from my hunter because we had a holy paladin and resto shaman (who had an ele off spec). We had people dieing because neither healer could really do much so i got off my hubter to my resto druid. I would roll rejuvs out before the vortex hit so everyone was getting some heals, and cover the rest with wild growth for those. When wg hit the pets (who dont really take much damage from vortex because of avoidance) i had to burn my instant heal on someone before to keep them alive.

I think the best fix would be making WG and all smart heals chose players vs pets like this.

WG will always chose players unless the pet is greater than 50% less total hp than the player. Example player is at 76% hp, pet is at 25%. It will chose the pet. Vs player is at 75% hp pet is at 25% it will chose the player. This means if a player is at 50% or less it will always chose the player over a pet even if the pet is at 1% hp, but if every player is in good shape and the pet is not, then it will chose the pet.

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Resto druid chiming in…

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more infuriating than popping off a wild growth during a high raid damage phase of an encounter and seeing that only 1 or 2 player characters have the wild growth icon next to their raid frame.

If this is the intended behavior of the spell then just remove it from the spellbook. Whoever at Blizzard came up with the logic behind a pet healing spell is more than likely SPEDs and probably should be spending their time doing something else instead of making the game worse.

If this isn’t intended behavior, then please fix it. It’s clearly broken.


I agree wholeheartedly!

bump! Its ridiculous since rdruids are very low representation in raids, are often asked to Boomkin because Holy Pala and Disc priests are overhealing our HoTs and our 51 pt talent doesnt use actual smart healing logic.
I love my druid and want to see us wanted as healers in raids at all ends of the raiding spectrum.


I totally agree man, I play rdruid on classic as well. It’s definitely one of those situations where just because that’s how it used to work doesn’t mean it should stay that way. Kind of like how the 4pc t8 bonus is in its nerfed “we want you to use t9” state. Was wondering why it didn’t seem like a lot of demand for a rdruid, why I constantly get asked to go boomkin. I wanted to play resto for a reason, slowly building a set but I’d rather just lie and say nope don’t have one… cause I don’t wanna play boomy lol.

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Thank you both for the bumps. I don’t mind going boom for a couple fights here and there, but it’s unfortunate that our 51 point talent is so bad right now. Our main utility is raid healing and our main raid healing spell is broken. I feel like I have to work twice as hard as other healers just to stay competitive compared to braindead discs and pals.

It’s just a shame because this fix would by no means make us overpowered, but simply help us stay relevant. Blizzard seems to hate us so much it’s sad. If you’re a dev reading this and you want to keep WG as it currently stands, I’d appreciate a more thoughtful explanation than “because that’s how it was” considering the myriad changes you’ve made to other classes and interactions from the first iteration of WotLK. If you genuinely feel my WG should prioritize ghost wolves and mirror images then I’d like you to explain why.


You can heal your pet, you know that right? Why the hell should I care about someone’s pet? and why is it over the past month and a half now you’ve gotten so argumentative?

You spend more time giving no nonsense quips and insults than focusing on the subject at hand, WG is broken as it stands and If I were healing on a druid I would want those heals given to a person rather than a pet that can be controlled by the person who summoned them, aside from army of course but who the hell cares about healing army -ever-.

Yes, i can and its a dps loss thanks for telling me how to lose dps.

actually no i don’t. just putting it into perceptive that these healers don’t give a crap about pet classes pets which is true. but nice try. and yes they deserve to be shamed especially with a hunter’s pet 10 second cast time to res their pet when a heal could have prevented that. healers should be shamed. especially when a player isn’t gonna die.

Your pet is not a player but it can be controlled, If you expect a healer to heal your pet while you sit it down in damage, You can control it. Expecting a healer to cover someone’s laziness so they can parse better is hilarious. The healer is already keeping your butt alive while having the option to not only control it but also kill it for an emergency heal.

If your ghoul is dying outside of a PvP scenario, that sounds like a you problem, You have the option to revive your pet, and unless your position in your raid is SUPER important you might be revived through battle rez but like your pet, maybe it’s best you don’t stand in the fire.

yes i do. it takes damage. if a player isn’t dying yes i expect it. if its a player or my pet. then yes heal the player. i think you’re taking anything i have said out of context which shows your complete utter ignorance. i have routinely said yes heal the player. but also don’t forget about my pet. which seems to be lost on you. but good on you please living that failure life style.

Failure lifestyle, okay buddy, I’m sure as a healer you make sure other peoples pets are living, to make sure that 6% dps isn’t lost for that player…please, macro’s exist for a reason, if you don’t want to take that extra measure to make sure your pet isn’t dead, why should a healer?

you keep coming back to this talking point. this is a why you have a failure lifestyle. its your only arguable point and i already said keep the player alive even if he’s taking avoidable damage. I have also said. if no one is dying toss a heal to my pets way.

this is you. No you want your pet to live more than a player why you so selfish. thats you homie. act like your name. you’ve got no chill to you. you keep arguing over a dumb talking point. i don’t know why but it makes you look ignorant and shows you have low intelligence.

While I disagree with virtually everything you’ve said and probably ever will say in your entire life… I think we can see if we’re ranking problems with Wild Growth the top issue is that it hits temporary summons and less about hunter pets. I do still think if a player is taking damage it should prioritize them over the pet regardless of pet health, but the pet healing isn’t as egregious as the mirror images/treents/ghost wolves etc. that under no circumstances should literally ever get wild growth.

I also want to add that wild growth, even if fixed, is not a reliable targeting spell. We can’t ever choose exactly which 5 (or 6) targets get the heal. So assuming it’s an efficient pet healing tool regardless demonstrates a lack of understanding.

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