An example of where Blizzard fails with ingame information


Not good enough? How about a post from Blizzard itself:

Regardless of all the various Blizz powers who have come and gone through the years, one core design principle has always remained the same – ‘never let the player have any clear understanding of wth is happening or why.’ :relieved:


I wanted to see what was listed as the loot table on Doomwalker. I see you decided to pull the “lie by omission”, because the loot table for Doomwalker doesn’t have the mount listed on it.

The fact is that they deliberately leave out information to give people like you the opportunity to try to make yourself look clever and edgy by lying to contradict a fact.

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You mean this page ?

It has all the info you need, but who wants to read?

You’ll also be able to do a little Timewalking to take on the Doomwalker with the weekly quest, “Doomwalkin’ Has Come Knockin” for Timewarped Badges and a chance at additional rewards including the Doomwalker Trophy Stand toy or Illidari Doomhawk mount.

Right in the article.

and make the game’s file size bigger? the game is already 120GB, and it’s not rocket science, quest says go here, new quest says kill this, very simple

Even the tickets say you should search Wowhead for info kewk.-


yep! you could submit a ticket that your head literally fell off and they’d tell you to check wowhead…


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Clever, link an article, talk about reading comprehension, answer maybe half of questions asked.

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Dear lord should an adventure RPG make you figure stuff out and not hold your hand every step of the way.
Horrible design!

Communication is hard.

because there would be too much information for them actually to put in the game and it would take too long to create a system to provide the information, plus how would the poor wowhead people survive without the free business for them.

You know… I think that goes for most of the game. There are lots of things that could facilitate learning how to play, especially for new players. (Or just make the game more interesting.)

  1. I think the new starting area is a good beginning for learning your class, but it still doesn’t teach people utility stuff, rotation, etc. which imo is kind of important given people expect you to know your rotation and how to use e.g. Interrupts and immunities in instances.

  2. The new quest markers really help with that but when you’re new you still probably have a hard time finding lots of things - particularly from older expansions.

  3. Transmog is fun, right? Yet the game doesn’t really point you towards how it works or where to do it at any point while playing.

  4. Why do I still need add ons or wowhead for my stat priority when clearly the data must be in the game somewhere? Same goes for dbm, gtfo and damage meters… Why aren’t they things that are IN the game you can toggle on and off?

  5. Why aren’t the bags automatically easy to organize without add-ons?

Each individual one of these things isn’t really a big thing on its own, but if you put them and some others I didn’t mention together, they influence playing a lot.

I think for me the biggest thing is that the game doesn’t teach you how to play your spec well at all.
When you play through Exiles Reach on a, mage, you essentially learn how to use Frostbolt and Fireblast. Using the damage abilities on a damage dealer is the most intuitive part. No new player doesn’t know to use them.
The things that matter later on are rotation and utility abilities and the game doesn’t tell new players how to use them properly.
This wouldn’t be a huge issue if you weren’t sort of expected to know your rotation, your interrupts, your dispels, etc. or as a healer how to manage your mana well as soon as you get to endgame but you are. And unfortunately (or fortunately?) you can easily level to 60 without ever using e. g. an interrupt.

The quest marker thing has gotten way better and isn’t really the biggest problem anymore imo.

It’s on their website. Literally even tells you the Doomwalker quest is a weekly, too.

And for us forum people, they even posted it here for us, too. I’ll bet you the news article was linked on Twitter, as well.

It’s not Blizzard’s fault no one reads.

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It answered all the questions you need. It tells you all you need to know.

Just because you’re lazy, is a you problem

Oh wow can’t believe this happen.


this is something you’re just going to have to come to terms with. wow has had a symbiotic relationship with wowhead for over a decade.

it’s a 17 year old complex game. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to grow accustomed to looking information up on a website :woman_shrugging:

Cooperate and socialize in an MMO?!? Blasphemy. How dare you enact a core principle?

Hm, their website article doesnt mention you need to turn off Chromie time on under-50 level characters. And while it mentions the other 2 world bosses and Dragons of Nightmare, it doesnt say where they are or any real detail about them. So again, you have to go to a private information source to find that out.

(And you assume people are going to scan the panels on the launcher and click on them. But since they ARE there, why not put more useful info into them?)

Of course I recognise that a game of WoW’s size has a lot of stuff to keep track of but sometimes it feels like they just chuck things in and let people flail around figuring out much of it themselves.

I didn’t say I didn’t know what was written in the articles. The OP felt they were light on details, details everybody was asking about at this point because they had not been clarified.

The loot table on Doomwalker on wowhead listed only 3 items. That is the fact. That is the exact claim I am making, and it was true.

They like to withhold details because it will give players something to “discover”. Of course, sometimes the information they leave out results in players making unrecoverable mistakes. Which is kind of an “RPG element from the roots of wow” thing that Ion likes so much.