An Engineering Update on the Dragonflight Launch

I had to have a bit of a giggle at myself when it took me a few paragraphs to realize he was never going to get to the “engineering” (in game profession) part of the post :joy:

That’s what i get for reading while half asleep.


You should realize this thread was about technology that was being used when dragonflight launched.

Yeah, that dawned on me after a few paragraphs, that’s the part that i found amusing lol

Thanks for this. Good read.

Shadowlands seasons 1 and 2 were both also incredibly long by WoW standards.

They just seem to have a really big problem being able to do any sort of scale testing.

I’m sure it worked fine in their internal testing.

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Do you mind explaining azure span zone lag?
For the past week, I don’t have too much lag in waking shores, plains, valdrakken zones, but every time I enter azure span zone, all my actions are delayed by 1-2 seconds.
I noticed this lag was gone yesterday, not sure if it was fixed, or something has to do with me logging in inside the zone already instead of entering from another zone



You guys are knocking it out of the park. This is like the beginning of a blizzard renaissance come back.

And thank you for this update. It means a lot.


:+1: :+1:

These things happen, performance problems happen when you go live. The problem is there’s no way this tech was tested to any meaningful degree. They probably tested the tech on the dev machine, merged into the code that went to their test server, it didn’t cause any problems because the code was not accessed because there was nothing they had encrypted on the test server, and then it went live and was used for the first time and blew things up.

Just don’t do that again, lol. Actually test your code.

I appreciate the transparency with regards to what happened on expansion launch. It sounds like I did not miss anything when I gave up and logged for the night after waiting several hours to leave Durotar.

And on a semi-related note: If you’re going to hotfix in a portal on a point of high traffic, please please remember to add a dismount aura. On my realm, no one could even attempt to click the portal because of internet trolls standing on it with their large mounts. That toxic behavior was what finally pushed me to throw in the towel for the night and find something else to play.


Thanks for this post! I found it very interesting and I hope your team and other teams make more posts like this in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


a much-appreciated and in-depth response. thank you!

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awesome post thanks y’all !

Should’ve called this “The Dragon Files”, then posted a sentence every 5 minutes.

Thank you for sharing. People who are software engineers greatly appreciate explanations like this, rather than (Yes, there was a problem and we fixed it. Apologies!)


As long as a new model of Blingtron is added in dragonflight, all will be forgiven.

This explains why the hitch for when client receives a hotfix is far worse in DF. I know immediately any time a hotfix is pushed because client has like a 2 second deadlock.


Did you play the game before BfA? Do you remember the WoD launch? Do you remember all the launches before WoD? Legion onwards have been pretty smooth. I swear when I see people say stuff like this they either did play the game WoD or before, or just don’t remember things on purpose.

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I’ve played every launch since WotLK. I remember small problems which were resolved quickly affecting the game for minutes in earlier launches, not the hours of issues for DF.

Ya you need to remember better. Like for real lol. I swear some people just delete their memories so they can fan boy old expansions.

WotLK had ques, disconnections all kinds of stuff. Some servers were offline for 2 days.