An awfully big adventure

(Turkeyjerkey) #1

Is this still possible. Trying to beat blingtron 4K but they say terroclaw is a must but his abilities are not the same in what the guides say I have to have :frowning:

The dodge and heals over time are on the same ability row but the guide says I need both …

(Nzete) #2

Wowhead lists a few strategies under the Blingtron 4000 pages in the comments for carrying the plushie.

I never really liked the Terroclaw hatchling, preferring to stick with old favorites for the most part. I’m sure I did it without. However, I don’t have notes on how from 2016. Experiment and try some elemental pets.

(Vyskera) #3

The first strategy on Xu-fu’s seems fairly bulletproof. You open with Tiny Bog Beast and the stun. Blingtron then swaps in the critter pet and you swap in a Lava Crab. The Lava Crab uses Shell Shield, rendering it effectively immune to the critter pet’s only attack (Make it Rain) and letting it endlessly AE down Blingtron’s entire team. Once the backrow pets are dead, simply swap pets around and use Tiny Bog Beast to kill the critter.

(Tinkerizmo) #4

Terroclaw was nerfed in 8.0
Unborn Vrykul was another.

Can’t find the list of other pets nerfed but someone else can probably link it.

(Maizou) #5

Lists 9 Alternatives as well. The main Teroclaw strat takes into account the changes.


Nerf to the Val’kyr was to the Haunt ability, used to come back to life with 100% Health and 8.0 reduced that to 50%. Meant some of the strategies involving it became less reliable, or stopped working entirely.

Ghastly Kid and Wicked Soul were hit with same nerf.

(Neall) #7

Love me some Xu-fu’s / wow-petguide:

(Turkeyjerkey) #8

Thanks, actually finally figured it out myself!! Barely got it but got it. Now just waiting on next week RNG for the last 2 weeks trainers that I need tyvm for your responses