<Amnesty> 5/12 Mythic LFM!

Amnesty is an adult oriented guild that has a long history of clearing raid content since the burning crusade! We are currently looking to bolster our ranks! All classes/roles encouraged but we are in the most need of DPS.

We are currently 5/12 Mythic N’yalotha and making progress on Xanesh.

Our raid times are
Wednesday: 9pm -12am ET
Thursday:9pm -12 am ET
*Monday: Optional/Alt run/Achievements…etc 9pm-12am ET

Please reach out to myself,baulde, or phlavor on bnet if you are interested!

Come raid with us!

there’s room for everyone!

Come join us for Mythic! Still looking for a few good raiders :slight_smile:

*Cross server looks like it will be opening up next week. We are looking to get into mythic and get the first 3 bosses out of the way!! C’mon people!!!

Interested folks may also add me on bnet

Now recruiting new folks for the next tier of raiding!

Hello im looking to transfer to this server im also lookin at a few other servers. I main frost dk i also have a friend coming back hes more casual but would be a good fit for the normal / heroic side. I myself have been raiding since burning crusade and some of vanilla. Feel free to add me on discord pulze#2225

Fist Bump!