Amirdrassil Tuning Incoming - January 16

where axe?


Cross realm mythic when? Seems way past due on opening it up.

Another week, another set of Tindral adjustments. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

I would think it means he casts it one less time in p1.

I just want to not spend all of my mana 800000000 times faster than every other healer.

This is 2 seasons now and they’re still not addressing dumpster tier specs.


Unholy has had like 3 rounds of sizeable buffs this season and it’s still falling behind the elite specs. Frost has also received a couple rounds of buffs but still ain’t near competitive.

Like Blizzard really did have no clue at all just how underpowered DK’s DPS specs were in season 2

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They fundamentally ruined unholy before s3


im all for these classes getting a buff

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When 200 guilds kill the last boss, as always.

There weren’t even 200 guilds WORKING on Fyrakk until this week. (Tindral was sub-200 kills until Tuesday.)

Looks like Fyrakk is at 109 kills. Gonna be a while.

This isn’t even “tuning” and it’s disingenuous for them to call it that. This is “we’ve finally finished development on this fight we put out 2 months ago”.

Fyrakk is STILL in development and will be completed in the coming weeks, presumably.

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who cares what about actually tuning the classes so the rest of us can play the game instead of letting DH, rogue, hunters and locks dominate in every aspect of the game for 5 months now.

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10 char

Heck, you mean the rest of the top 200 lol.

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