Aman'Thul transfer

I’ve not played for along time so im not upto date with the news.

I tried to transfer off Aman’Thul to play with friends on Caelestrasz and it returned this error; Character Service Error: “Please select a different realm.”

I searched the error and found “Attempting to transfer a character to/from a realm that is soon to be, or has recently been, merged to another realm.”
So i tried a handful of servers and i can’t go anywhere.

For the people that are upto date does that mean we are about to move?

It might be the case that Blizz is merging Aman’Thul and Caelstrasz. If that’s the case, there would be no real point of merging your character to that realm - you’ll see the Cael players around either way.


I’m having the same issue trying to go to Frostmourne from Aman’Thul. Never seen this issue before.

It means that one of the 2 servers (at least) is scheduled for a server connection, they will probably announce it on Monday/Tuesday (blizzard US time)

If you cant transfer anywhere its def Aman’Thul thats locked.

EDIT, I did a little digging, these are the realms I could find that are so far blocked off, its 100% related to the server connections and it seems like blizzard has thus far only blocked half of them as no other OCE realms are blocked off yet.

  • Black Dragonflight/Gul’dan/Skullcrusher
  • Hydraxis/Terenas
  • Darrowmere/Windrunner
  • Aman’Thul
  • Ghostlands/Kael’thas
  • Exodar/Medivh

Edit2: seems like the destination is Dath’remar/Khaz’gorath, you can transfer after the connection is made on the 17th…


Thankyou @Janek, that was really helpful.

You may not still be able to even then . It may be the first part of a multi conection . Dread and Thaur were first connected to frostmourne two weeks ago , then Jubi and another realm joined that group this week .

With a bit of luck you may find that in the end you will be connected to us ( Nag/Cael ) anyway and save you money on a server transfer


Maybe, I would say Saurfang is next on the list though, and how they connect that will be telling if we end up with 3 or 4 OCE servers…

If they send Saurfang to Barth then I feel like that might be the only option but if they give Cael Saurfang things could be interesting… We will probably find out next week :slight_smile:

This was such a mistake from Blizzard to do, FM didn’t need any connections ffs. I guess I’m only playing Classic now. Thanks Blizzard you saved me money not buying the expansion, how nice!

It would’ve been 100x better to connect these realms to Bath, at least the horde players would’ve benefited from having a lot more other horde around for guilds and groups etc.

See where you went wrong here was thinking blizz did this for the benefit of the players and not the shareholders. They would be better to connect reasons in a way that encourages others to transfer, like meeting with the largest server in the region. People that want small servers will have to leave and it will likely accelerate the faction/server change from serious horde raiders on Barthilas.