Am i the only one who misses the old hunt?

I liked the blue fire…


They said we’re getting glyphs or other ways to restore the original colors.

Probably a TWW thing, tho.


The old audio was very menacing in PvP. The new one is too, but something about the “scream” of Hunt was like ohhhh ****

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the new one is cool, don’t get me wrong. It’s like you’re turning yourself into a meteor and crashing down on the enemy like an infernal, but i just preffered the blue fire.

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I like the green fire better than I thought I would. Think of the ability as having evolved, becoming more demonhuntery than shadowlandsy since leaving the domain of the dead.

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I love the fel green and I think the new kyrian decree even feels more impactful. I love the green.


Man that is such a great mog.

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