Am i the only one who cant connect?

Something odd is happening I cant connect on wow tbc . EDITS : servers working again.

RE EDIT : Crashed again >.<.

I can’t either.

Ok . Yesterday something similar happened to me .

Imagine sitting down for a little break from your busy day, loading up the app, your head full of ideas of what you were gonna do with your ever so brief vacation, only to be blocked by WOW51900118.

Damn indy company, you are on your last leg. I am willing to walk away from EVERYTHING at any moment now. You did this.

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Yeah , I was able to load in the game for 2 min . Crashed again …

I used the reconnect feature and I am in right now, who knows for how long.


Can’t connect. But cut them some slack. They are a small indie company that has to spend their current budget changing in game npc names and genders.