Am I Going Crazy?

I am on my Warrior in STV…I have a mob targeted…but then it shows EVADE when I try to attack…then it disappears…but I still have it targeted. I attack something else, then here comes the disappearing mob, joining in the fight. I thought…ok, just a fluke.

Then I go on my mage in Redridge. I target a murloc swimmin in the water. I cast onece on it, which does damage…then it goes into EVADE mode. It then disappears from view, but I still have it targeted. I then move onto the next mob, but here comes the disappearing mob again.

Have any of you noticed an uptick in this behavior? I entered a bug…I have had evading mobs in the past, but I have never had it happen like this.

This was in era classic…

That’s happened to me several times over the past couple if days with murlocs in Ellwyn Forest. Attack them, they go underground, evade, then come back and attack when I’m killing the next mob.

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Nah you’re not crazy, I think its something to do with their sharding “layering” system has sharted again.


i heard a story of a warrior in STV who tried to charge at a mob but the mob disappeared. He kept going, apparently running towards Booty Bay when suddenly he Neo-flew through trees and terrain, across the map at the old target that had resurfaced.

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This is just classic wow. This isn’t really some ground breaking discovery

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The mobs are playing hardcore mode. :wink:

Had this happen last night with the water elementals in EPL. If I pulled while in the water, as they were, it did not happen, but consistently happened if I was on land.

Seems like every underwater enemies have been bugged for me as well. Looks like a world -wide bug.

Hooray it was fixed!

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