Altoholic looking for a M+ group on Horde side, eventually Alliance

Hey there,

Thanks for reading. I’ll make this short.

I’m looking to form or join a static m+ group. I have a Priest (Holy/Disc) 236 iLvl, Hunter (MM) 226 ilvl, and Demon Hunter (Vengeance) 217 and my priest has the highest M+ score 1611 as I focused on raiding. All these toons are Horde. I am working on an Alliance collection because they can use some help there too.

I recently fell in love with tanking on the DH and would love to focus on that but also rotate through characters to keep my skills sharp.

Ideally we’d have a small collection of toons to help keep it fresh.

I typically play around 10am - 4pm or so Eastern and then again around 8pm - midnight Eastern when I do play. These times don’t mean we have to run keys that whole time; it’s just really when I am most likely around.

You can reach me in game at ezili#1362 or in discord Ezilii#2356


Demon Hunter