Alting Obession

So I’ve had a love hate relationship with alting. There are days I love it and times I wish I could delete everything and start over. I got into this game 15 years ago and through the years I’ve leveled a.lot of characters. Through the past year or so I took my tokens and made 2 paladins one on each side, I’ve mained them ever since. Allied races have made me dip into alt leveling but I hit a certain point and get bored.

I’m not sure if its anxiety, OCD, or just I just got older and dont care for leveling. I just dont see the point in leveling or having this surplus of characters that I have. I knno there is nothing forcing me to level them other then myself but I continually debate them all. I wish there was a “hide all,” button because I dont want to delete the years and time I put into everyone.

When I delete, I just restore so it’s a vicious cycle that I just keep doing. My latest grand scheme is to move my 2 mains to a new account on my battlenet. Leaving the alts on the old account. This way I dont need a new guild or server and I dont loose or see my alts.

The only downside I see to that plan is my desire to play an alt would result into 2 active subscriptions, expansions, etc. So really is that worth it for a piece of mind?

The alt confusion continues for me and I guess that’s my dilemma, as it always is.

What do you guys do when reach this level with your altaholic symptoms? Just tell yourself its a game and move on? lol

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I have over 70 120’s across 5 accounts. I wish I could say they are all for multiboxing but, they aren’t. I started wanting 1 of each class. Then I needed both factions. Then allied races came out. Honestly my main reason for having many alts is. They make gold making easier. Don’t feel bad. Embrace what you like, forget what others think. Good luck fellow altaholic.

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