Alternative Options To Layering

like banning the bots and multiboxers


Literally 1000’s of bots pluhging up the queues. Ban them. Watch queues go down.

Multi-boxers controller more than 1 account while other players sit in the queue. Put a cap on it or disallow it on those packed realms until after quarantine.
This does impact queues. Make some concessions for your fellow player.

Stop afking to “save” your spot. This too affects queues when so many are doing it. Quit cheating the anti afk system. You are not playing let others play.
Yes. This too is driving these queues.

For the love of God roll some alts on the lower pop servers for awhile. We have nothing but time right now. Make an ally toon! Help the balance don’t contribute to the imbalance and the queue.

Yes. There are more people playing. Yes. We all want to play. Spread out! Virtual social distancing.
Don’t turn layering back on. This can be managed without it.

They could increase caps again? Im not for it, but it was the ‘solution’ last time.

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Even this. I’ll take lag over layering!

Spoken like a true non-essential.

I had to give up ranking when the quarentine went up because there was 0 way I could keep up

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Lol. Nah. I’m done trying to remove the carebears from pvp servers.

Who isn’t? Botters.

Read through my post history. I have multiple accounts and dabble in multi boxing myself. I’ve always said it should have a cap. Especially right now on those packed servers.

Defined as cheating in the ToS and most of the time is done with automated 3rd party macro software. Again. Clearly defined as against the ToS and actionable.
Again. Holding spots is clogging up the queue and making more people do the same thing. To save “their spot”.

No. Not whatever. No layering. No agenda. Just. No. Layering.

Mathematics says you’re wrong.

I’m sure abusing layers isn’t on anyone’s agenda who’s for layering either? Right?
Suppose hiding from pvp on pvp servers with layering isn’t on anyone’s agenda either. Right?

Naw. Ion promised. Layering would be gone and never used again. Alternatives over layering are a plenty. Players need to move their own arses.

Roll an alt.
Move raid days/times.
Roll an ally.
Take the free transfer.
Ban the bots.
Limit multi boxxing.
Suspend the anti afk cheaters.

Do something besides flipping that switch. Once they flip it again.

Ha! Famous last words…you think imbalance means anything now? Wait until they raise the caps :o

How is Smolderweb btw? Should I roll Horde.?Maybe an Orc hunter named Hisideous? :stuck_out_tongue:

We used to do that back in the day when trying to find the best clusters when the community was trying to ‘solve’ the server bouncing.

Maybe the other solution is to CRZ the smaller servers…

Anyway. I am dead set against raising caps regardless and don’t think layering was all that bad. But then again Im mostly on PvE now and dont see a dog in the pvp fight cool enough to adopt. When I do go back itll be on Faerlina

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Guy on reddit told me that some servers have 500 bots in Strat at the same time. I went on Incendius Alliance and did a /who strat

29 people in Stratholme, probably mostly just people you know, actually doing the dungeon.

Banning 2% of bots a week would be like 5 on each server. Wow, what a great solution to the queues!

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Who still busted though. Its a quagmire. I still stand by combining AH numbers and ironforge pro as a best indicator of relative pop and balance.

Blizzard does not want us to have exact numbers.

Would love to see where you dug this number up. Well maybe I wouldn’t…

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No, this will get anyone who’s just keeping themselves logged in by coming back every so often and hitting space bar. I do this all the time just comeback and move or type something to stay in. That would LOOK like i’m a botter by just movin an inch or jumping so that would Falsely target me for a Botting Ban.


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Get your CRZ outta here!

banwaves happen fairly regularly. problem is its peanuts for farmers to just spin up endless new accounts.

There is a thread that is actively being monitored by a Blue poster, and it’s soliciting feedback on this very topic:

Knowing that, why would you create your own post whose contents will rapidly find their way to the bottom of the posts? Put your thoughts into the Blue thread so that Blizzard actually sees at them!

who said i havent?

this is a discussion about how layering isnt a Fix to the problem. not gunna make a discussion just for it to be lost in the pages of that blue post.


Hey we can go higher. I low balled the number so Bobby wouldn’t have a heart attack at the sub loss.

I would like faction based queues. If your realm has 30% Horde and 70% alliance, get horde accounts into a smaller queue. Dont reserve the spots, just put them at the front if they try to log in.

It could help faction imbalance on realms.

I guess it is a high technical problem though.

Do you have any arguments against layering except a strong unfavorable opinion of them?
As plenty of people have already said, classic was designed around having 4-5k players per realm. We now have 15k players and the same spawn time on limited resources, which has bizarre side effects like black lotuses costing 150g on some realms where in vanilla they used to be 30-40g during BWL…

If layering can remove queues and increase supply of rare mats I’m all for it… plus if the realms are boosted to 20k to 25k populations you probably won’t be able to tell that layering is back on because the world will feel just as full as it has been in the last couple of weeks.

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Funny thing about this is those people are dog piling cuz “dead realms”. Realms that by Vanilla standards were lively thriving communities.


Does the layering technology allow for it to be scheduled/turned on for a specific amount of hours? If it does, then only add 1 layer during peak queue times and then immediately turn it off once the peak has gone. This way you can strike somewhat of a balance between the ‘quality of life’ and the ‘nochanges’ crowds (until a better solution can be thought of/implemented).