Alternative Dark Ranger Transmogs

Hello! For those of you that are into the Dark Ranger theme, have you come up with any transmogs that are not the Dark Ranger set (or at least not the full set, maybe using parts of it)? I haven’t really come up with anything all that interesting, but curious to see your ideas. :smile:

It’d be cool to have a Dark Ranger transmog for each class, other than just Hunters – Especially for rogues. I felt Rogues and Mage that were just as deserving as hunters for a Darkfallen transmog.

On that note, it’d be interesting for them to do heritage race armour sets for all the class combos. :open_mouth:

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Alternative Dark Ranger Mogs, would be cool on the plate side to see something like a “lost Lordaeron armor” set for helping reclaim Lordaeron.

For mages / warlocks / priests since Dalaran used to be near Lordaeron, a Kirin Tor themed set would be pretty cool to have as cloth.

Haven’t done this yet with a hunter but looks like some of the customizations have promise for better character customization choices in the future.

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Here’s some that might do.


These are fantastic, thank you for sharing!

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You’re welcome and thank you.

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This one is my favorite.

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