Alterac Valley queue times

I am sure all of you WoW classic players, at least on the horde side, have experienced extremely long queue times for AVs.
Back in the day, you could queue up for all 3 and get a popup while in one Battleground, to join another.
This led to some groups being short handed.
But I think that Alterac Valley should be the exception here. The queue times are very long and if you play the other battlegrounds while waiting, your Alterac Valley queue is placed on hold. Time only ticks down when you are outside of a battleground instance.

Back in original WoW, you would get popups to join other battlegrounds because the timers on the queue and your ability to join them did not stop as the do today.

Please fix blizzard, and allow players to join Alterac Valley with priority over the others. You can keep the paused queues for the other 2 BGs but let AV go please!

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Yep. For an “authentic experience” they sure changed a lot.

Here’s a change that would decrease your queue: Players only rez in their cave if their faction has no gy. Or, move the Horde cave from behind TP back beside the base.

More Alliance would queue, for sure.

This reminds me of when one Alliance battlegroup “boycotted” AV for most of the 2.3 patch cycle.

Horde wants to play scorched earth and keep ally from getting any rep … allies dont que… horde can wait hours… You do it to yourself.


Horde solution to a horde problem.

On my long and completely ridiculous trudge to exalted I witnessed horde intentionally resetting Van because alliance had 2 towers (just two towers) on horde side and the towers still had 4+ minutes to cap. Like half of them hearthed back to their town to run up and clear the alliance out. They could have easily killed van before the towers even got burned.

But guys its so easy to outplay the cave double spawns right beside ibgy… Lol. It’s clearly our fault. Also our fault they have a 20 second head start every game.

BTW it is very fun taking 20 guild members into av and giving them a taste of their own medicine. We “scorched earthed” them and they accomplished nothing. They got to wait 2 hours just to get flattened at ibgy. They are completely lost when their cave spawn mobbing isn’t enough. They got 0 towers and farmed all game followed by a nice loss after their 2 hour wait lol.

More of you should try doing this.

Horde come expecting to win

Alliance come expecting to lose

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Another wild sockpuppet appears!

yeah, i’m sure that’s why alliance don’t queue for av… or maybe it’s because they’re too busy queueing as premades for ab & wsg? :thinking: