Alterac Valley of Olde; Completed, NO mount?

I completed the achievement ‘Alterac Valley of Olde’ and am yet to recieve the mount. I have relogged, /reload, searched my bags and there is nothing.
When you look up Frostwolf on the mount page it says the mount is received from completing Alterac Valley of Olde. which I’ve completed.
I know there was some problems with the Korraks Revenge BG this year. But when I put in a ticket I get an automated response. Any help is appreciated, ty

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Same. I’ve checked my bags, no mail, and I completed the achievement. No mount.

I submitted a ticket and my problem was marked as resolved without any involvement from a GM.

Still no mounts, guess I’m screwed.

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Definitely a larger issue here

I’m 120/200 on this I guess I’ll just have to give up on it.

Blizzard won’t fix this by the time the event ends. It’s doomed.

I just finished the 200/200 today (only character I have done it on), and no mount after getting the Achievement.

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I thought they would want to entice new people and people who haven’t done the achiev before but it’s like they’re punishing the newer people/people who haven’t completed the achiev before by not giving mount