Alterac Valley in Classic

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Tell us more about your BFA guild’s opinion on aspects of classic.
In related new, reports confirm that General Discussion posters overwhelmingly prefer AV 1.12 if not later versions.

Following sports, a special edition of “what do Overwatch players think?”

That is some hard hitting insight.


Thanks for the updates !

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Blizzard, please reconsider your stance on AV. 1.12 AV is not in the spirit of vanilla, it is a race to the end boss with minimal PVP.

Since you are doing a timed release of content, that gives you more than enough to deliver a better AV.


Never said a bad word or pushed back against people who want 1.5 because they want 1.5.

Only ever pushed back against people who said 1.5 was better then 1.12 because 1.12 is only a zergfest. That people would only ever zerg 1.12 because “that’s the mindset” and people “will go with the path of least resistance.” 1.5 can be zerged, even if it is a bit harder and takes a bit longer, it can still be zerged. So if players are just going to go “with the path of least resistance”, 1.12 being able to be zerged is not an argument for 1.5 because 1.5 can be zerged.

Now if you want to say 1.5 is just a better experience then 1.12 that’s a valid argument. I’ve seen everything people have said, it’s an intriguing prospect and I’m not against 1.5 for 1.5, but 1.12 is bad because “zerg” is not a valid argument.

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Yet another good decision in a recent line of good decisions regarding Classic.

Now, just stick to your guns about keeping sharding in for the launch, and don’t budge about right-click reporting, and you’ll have it nearly perfect.

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People HAVE made that argument. It is met with “Too hard, too long”.
The case that earlier was better was partly covered in here. You may recognize that as one of the threads linked in the blue’s OP that were actually just linked and not taken to heart.

The OVERARCHING objections to earlier versions was that it was too long. If what you say about earlier versions being zergable, that objection is canceled out. No?

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I would like the larger scale battle of older av. To be honest the removal of npcs is what stopped me from queuing it.


I get the feeling we have 2 Classic teams…one team just nailed the content progression big time…the other team looks out of touch, trying to push this unrequested version of AV and cooling down the vast majority of the playerbase.

We are getting a 6 stages Classic, right?

Why not roll “Real” AV Classic with say…stage 2 and than go for the “Nutella” BFA AV along with itens revamp in stage 5 or so?
People would get enough 1.5 AV while Classic is progressing and would get this honor farm, zergfest 1.12 AV when Classic is reaching the end of the cycle.
I don’t see the point of building this whole Classic project to deliver the same AV we can experience in BFA minus reinforcements.


i don’t think this is a mistake, for the most part, but there are problems from a game theory perspective tat are not addressed.

baby steps…


I’m speaking from the foundation of someone who ran Alterac Valley PRE Nerf and Post Nerf. I also obtained R13 in Vanilla. Also I was speaking from my Guild for Classic that we’ve already have formed.

Tell me about your BFA guild’s opinion on the aspects of classic.

I included the links because we know how hard it can be for people to find things:

How hard was that insight again?



the all day AV battles were the best part of Vanilla, hands down.

Stronger guards/more guards should still be in the code

PvE race AVs just. aren’t. fun.

…this could easily be a deal breaker for me re-subbing for Classic.

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I do not waste money on bad games, much less have a guild there.

Sorry if I do not put much stock into what retail players think of classic aspects. I learned all I need to know about their opinion of classic from their crap they post in GD about it.


Frankly I couldn’t care what you think. Yeah I play retail mainly to stay connected with my friends and in short bursts it can be fun. However I have played on Private Servers, ran guilds, and progressed through both the PVE and PvP of Classic WoW 12-14 years ago.

Just because you don’t agree with their opinion doesn’t make what they are saying invalid. Clearly you have strong feelings on AV and you have a right to them. I’m just saying from my memory and experience and the experience of 5 other R10-R14 players in my guild. We remember 1.12 AV fondly as it assisted us with our grinds.

Also based on what I can see you never broke Rank 4 so why should people listen to you on PvP related things?


i’m not going to keep my subscription for classic if alterac valley can’t be in the original form that everyone thinks of. to be able to go back to AV’s earliest form when it wasn’t a boring rush was a big selling point. it was a real battleground, not an objective rush playground


This. “Classic” is the perfect time to fork the dev and peel away from some of the silly changes. I know silly is relative, but man 1.5 was SO much more satisfying and infuriating and epic and…


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You do know that people actually PvPed and yet did not grind honor, right? I spent the vast majority of my BG time in AV. I cannot even recall if I got exalted in the other 2 BGs. I did not care for them, nor the honor grind. I played AV because I enjoyed AV.


i mean, technically we can still decide to turtle and just play Defense, and make the fights still be epic long since there are no reinforcements.

but i do agree, the stronger guards would make the fights always epic, w/o the need to come up with any given strategy.

everything sounds great just make more guards / stronger guards, seems like that’s what mostly everyone wants on this thread. Sounds like a slam dunk, no brainer, better product, blizzard makes more money.

i know we want to stick as close to 1.12 as possible, but c’mon! Lets get the real classic WoW experience!!!


And if Pugs can be taught to clear naxx
And if pugs can be taught to… [insert anything]

Great argument, it’s like saying that no one can defeat your argument cause anything can be thaught and thus anything will go as u say so…

I have experienced enough 1.5 AV on Pservers to know no matter how good a leader u have to lead everyone to do a zerg it will still fail alot of the times BECAUSE not everyone wants to do the zerg…

So it really doesn’t hold up…

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MORE REEEEEE PLEASE! Lots and lots more ree!

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Poor decision, not a fan.