Alter press not taking, keyboard presses in general broken this whole expansion

So I’ve had problems this whole expansion with the game not reading my presses, like they read the presses but they don’t go off. I did not have this issue in shadowlands. I’m using the same macro. I pressed it twice and it didn’t read. Does anyone know what is going on?


/castsequence reset=1 alter time, languages

This is my alter macro, I had this same macro in shadowlands and it worked. So I don’t know why I have so many problems with it this expansion?

If you’re spamming that macro, it won’t do anything. Castsequence doesn’t move on until a successful cast or a reset condition is triggered. Since languages isn’t something that can be successfully cast, this means the only way that macro will reset back is by waiting 1 second. Everytime you press the macro, that 1 second timer is reset.


well im not gonna check out cause ur last thread was like ur about to do this but instead u didn’t.

ur macro skill needs work. look. why would u castsequence that? why only reset=1 without target added to it. why would u use a macro that is cast sequence for alter time. ur sacrifices aren’t enough this season. the wheat will die

reset=time/target for future attempts at increasing internal knowledge of tzeentch

The idea behind such a castsequence is to make it so you don’t instantly trigger additional charges, or in this case alter time’s rewind, if you hit the button multiple times.

yeah but ! missing,

! is for stances to prevent a stance from being removed.

alter time is too important to macro into a cast sequence and i love gse macros

it also stops spells from canceling when being spammed so…

Neither alter time, or something like obsidian scales, are being cancelled, and so a ! would do literally nothing.

so im even more lost now why this is even a thing lol. not what we are saying, the thing i was was responding to. but alter time can be cancelled, its the point.

Alter time can be reactivated to trigger the rewind, which is not the same thing as reactivating dispersion which will cancel the aura.

so what are they doing? etiher way, ur brain to pick is most beneficial

alter time doesn’t work the same way as dispersion?

like u can cancel dispersion, but u can’t cancel alter time with spamming?

Spamming alter time would activate the rewind.

yeah which is thing avoiding? but ur saying ! wouldn’t stop that from happening?

! stops an aura or stance from being cancelled. Dispersion or Aspect of the turtle, if recast, will cancel the aura. Alter time isn’t cancelling an aura, it is recasting another spell.

but it works for spells that do similar? how bout mass dispell? ! also stops recasting same spell. or even any aoe spells. ! works for them. so im just curious