Alright, so which faction dominates BGs?

Haven’t touched retail WoW or WoW in general in years, just wondering which faction dominates. Is it still Horde?

When I was last playing during BFA and Classic wasn’t out, I remember the Alliance was absolute dogwater due to racial ability imbalances in PvE, your ability to dominate in PvP at the time was also determined how much PvE content you did as well. Blizzard mismanaged the game so badly at the time that they had to give Alliance players a flat 30% incentive to participate in PvP.

Are things more even? Still more Horde dominated? Or did things change at all?

Good players dominate battlegrounds.


Alliance are better overall. I play at all times of day and most games on alliance are pretty breezy. As soon as we merc the games get real

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whichever side does not have a premade gy farming pugs

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This won’t directly answer your question, but imo it’s better to have an alliance toon (or more) because alliance can merc (horde can’t). It feels to me that alliance generally dominate except for pugs in epic BGs.

I love having the ability to merc to see the battlegrounds from all angles. I does kinda suck not being able to recall in AV.

Alliance is prob 2-3 times stronger than horde rn

There are pretty much no good horde teams/players in randoms rn

You merc Q and get “real game” after “real game”

When I lose on my alliance toon it’s only because Horde are the dominant faction.
When I lose on my horde toon it’s only because Alliance are the dominant faction.

You’ll just have to check in with me periodically to know, I guess. I’ll try to check these forums more.


Alliance? Horde?
Nope, it’s the 3rd faction
The Premades

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ally. But i q on my healer horde side to outheal the ally but horde are windowlickers.

Damn that’s impressive, if this was during the times of BFA it’d be so different.

I guess the WoW team maybe actually decided to be competent this time around.

Can i join your guild

And I took that personally

I play on both sides. I agree with some others that your contributions can make a big difference. Are you slowing and chasing down flag carriers, are you supporting your own. Are you playing objective or padding your stats? I win most often on alliance but I also notice alliance players tend to focus on objective.



You got me rolling bud…