Already bored of the patch

The dungeons I’ve done a million times are back. Except incorrectly tuned.

All I have to say is whoever voted for grimrail you are toxic.
Not only is the dungeon unfun
It’s also trash to do with any modern affixes.

This patch feels like forced chorghast only with 5 mans.

Experiment failed imo.


Okey dokey


Well, you would have been bored one way or another. Luckily the new season has given SOME of us something to do in-game…but I do wish they would hurry up with the dungeon tuning


I can’t even convince myself to log in to level the last class I need to get from 50 to 60, because I know without the 50% buff it’s going to take ages like it did before.


Ages? Too bad I didn’t have any Coke Zero to spit at my monitor when I read that.


Did you level from 50-60 while the Winds buff was up? If you did, you’d understand.

Comparatively, it takes ages.

I don’t care how long it takes in Classic, lmao. That’s not relevant.


I sat in queue for a couple Fated CN groups for a bit and logged off.
I did get back on later to play along with me kiddo. Nothing on offer aside from the raids and M+. Feels like a cheap season, but thankfully it’s supposed to be a “short” one.
Bring on the pre-patch activities.

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This isn’t really a patch tbh. Which is why I haven’t touched it. I’ve done it already.


I liked doing Nathria it just feels kind of boring after the raid because now there isn’t anything else that interests me, within Shadowlands anyway.

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All is IMO, of course.

Bring us up to a semi-prepatch state, by which I mean: Just let us level up to 60 in any place we would like, bring back the leveling buff, and make this the “just for funzies” phase of the expansion.

Remember when we were all wearing 100 corruption and dropping Twilight Devestations that could 1 shot entire camps? It was stupid AF, but it was kind of fun too.

After the slog of SL something like that could be fun. Bizzard, please give me a reason to log in and play all those level 50 alts who never want to go to Shadowlands because that place sucks.


lol, ok.

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Does anyone actually care about that 50% buff? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I see this complaint mostly popping up on this specific forum, everywhere else (reddit, MMO-C, etc) the general consensus seems to be “meh, leveling was already super fast as it is”

Here’s one example from just the other day, where the 50% buff thing was mostly dismissed/savaged down in the comments section:

The speed of leveling in retail is mostly a non-issue, and most people already have a healthy roster of alts by this point (nothing else to do during Shadowlands content droughts)

…now on the other hand, the 50% buff in Classic/TBC Classic is a very welcome addition and feels really nice. I can totally see people asking for it to be extended or made permanent as WoTLK Classic release draws nearer


Honestly, I want a refund before I rage quit too…Only need more binding of windseeker to mog thunderfury didn’t drop yet again on demon hunter…went back on monk still neither dropped…Went back on prot pally still no luck…Went back on rogue and the Baron GEDDON DROPPED THE VERY BINDING I NEED ON demon hunter! so pissed…wow woww

What a fantastic pick for the Community Council


People were voting for it as a joke and are now upset that it’s in.

Leveling without is fine until you hit SL…50-60 takes forever.

I had all my alts leveled before that though (except my 59 paladin) so maybe i’m just burned out on it.

At least they datamined a 56.9% nerf to xp requirements from 1-60 on the alpha. Permanent winds buff, but better.

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Play a different game.


Yep. And that’s where all but a couple of my toons are at now. Lol. I loved the Winds buff - I was able to get 4 toons from 50-60 in a week and a half.


I don’t feel like doing the same content to increase my ilvl anymore. :frowning:


I mean, if my content gave me the option to increase my ilvl, I would. :stuck_out_tongue:

But outdoor players got the shaft in season 4. We’re still capped at 252.


You are right, it takes time but then that’s time spend playing World of Warcraft which is what I like to do.

I got my main up to 60 then I did 3 more alts so I could have one in each covenant. I did them through the regular storyline quests doing dungeons to shorten the trip. My alts would hit 60 about half way through Ardenweald.

Then when I was leveling a couple other alts and my void elves I switched to Threads of Fate. I have one at 60 now and another at 59, about two dailies away from 60.

Doesn’t seem that bad.