Alphon School of Magic and Wizardry pt. 2

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lol not gonna lie there’s a reason I didn’t post this on the forums, because the video itself has some material in it that might break forum rules or whatever.

But hey, that’s fine if you post it if you want to kek

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My hero academia. I am currently reading the Manga. :grinning:

I ten in your group.

We were in a raid group, yes, but that was from a previous fight we had in Darkshire.

The only people there though were 5. The raid frames and minimap show we only have 5 nearby. Tusks, Me, Operdh, Warzlockz, and Devil. (3 were offline, 2 were in Hellfire. Those two were Rakelan and Warleanda)

Gotcha. So are you a fan of my hero academia? Or just like the music?

Music? The music is from OPM, not MHA. But yes, I’ve watched it and it’s a good show.

You dropped this ing

Also everyone says someone is about to die in the next chapter or 2, who you thinking if you think that?

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An snap your right my bad. Shoot I’m watch opm now and reading my hero and got all backwards. :sweat_smile:

I still on number 6 at the moment so I currently reading about stain and Ida

Ah, well 278 is suppose to bn be out tomorrow.

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I need to catch up :sweat_smile:.

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essence of naaru item to do 2000% spellpower damage, one person could wipe your group too


This is GREAT.

ONCE again the GOD Alphon DESTROYED alliance with HIS wizardry.

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