<Alpha> Whisperwind - 16 Years - 9 - 12 PM EST (9 hours) 6/9M ADH 9/9M ASC US 108

Alpha is a progression-minded guild that has enjoyed success for over 16 years. We have consistently achieved Cutting Edge over the lifespan of the guild and look to emphasize longevity when we consider bringing in new members. Our membership is comprised of a diverse group with an average age in the late 20’s, with some outliers. We are pretty open on Discord and expect prospective members to be able to interact socially and contribute a personality to the guild.

Alts are not a requirement for raiders but many raiders enjoy playing alts and we occasionally use them for progression if the situation warrants. We keep them current through weekly heroic raids which are also attended by friends and family members.

We raid from 9 PM EST to 12 PM EST Tuesday-Thursday. 9 hours a week. We occasionally add optional time at the start of a tier to clear normal/heroic. During farm, we only raid two days per week (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Currently recruiting one of the following DPS:

1 Evoker;
1 Enhancement Shaman;
1 Retribution Paladin
1 Balance Druid

Exceptional applications from any class/spec will always be considered.

Apply Here: https://forms.gle/ZjsS6Mw7Cq4ewU5c9

Officer Contact Information:

Gnas: [B.net] Gnas#1440 / [Discord] @gnas
Wylan: [B.net] Wylan#1381 / [Discord] @oldwylan

Trial Process:

The majority of our raid team has played together for many years. As a result, our trial period is typically quite lengthy, as we look to recruit people that can fit in long-term. Being an appropriate social fit is just as important as performing well in raid. We will give all accepted applicants ample opportunity to prove they should stay on as a member. During this time applicants may receive items and are encouraged to be active with the guild during and outside of raids in things like Mythic+. When filling out an application, we ask you to think about what you want to say to us and what you feel is important that we should know. Keep in mind that this will likely be your only chance to create a good impression.

If you have questions/comments feel free to contact any member of Alpha in-game and they can direct you to an officer!


We distribute loot via an officer led loot council, for the purpose of improving the future success of the raid.

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