(A)Looking for interested people to create a school RP Guild

Hello! I’m looking for people interesed in funding a RP School guild. Based on combat training to clases or general, profesions, etc.

I’ve invisioned a guild in which people RP taking clases to improve their combat skills or general knowledge on specific skills in an RP level so that a background of good roleplay is created for people’s characters while quality RPers are created in the process as well.

I’m looking for creative people who can come up for ideas and subjects to be made. I myself would like to teach History of Azeroth, Arcane Magic, and just regular RP clases.

Teachers would be welcomed always as long as they can prove experience in RP and over everything “style” to teach others about RP and specific traits of RP like class RP or professions. Also a little aplication would be made with an interview before scheduling clases as well as an interest poll.

Classes would be brief(idk how much yet) all-week events that students will be able to sign up to and teachers to hold. Some classes may be locked to specific Character Class. Example: Light Wielding for Paladins and Priests only. At the weekend, big events would take place showcasing the lessons learned, duel tournaments, wargames, recreation and trips… to name a few. Classes will be introduced based on interest, attendance and democratic vote by a school board made of teachers and students.

Students will be recruited by RP or OOC campaigns. Students will just be put through a small interview to check rules and as a filter for trolls. They’ll not be expected to be perfect RPers, on the contrary, the aim of the guild will be to teach and grow in RP in a newby friendly setting, both for teachers and students.

Comms, announcements, general chat, schedules and calendars will also be available at a Discord Server once organized.

I was thinking of running this guild, but then thought I couldn’t be online all the time due to work and school, so, as founder and organizer I would like to be named Secretary General while a group of 5-10 people get considered Secretaries of the school, maybe specific or maybe just moderators, having the power to aprove or deny inquries based on democratic vote and to also bring order where is needed.

Leveling in Groups, Dungeons and else will also be complimented as OOC activities. However the RP will always be first.

So with most of my ideas on the table and these are the things that I’m missing.

1st and foremost people interesed in such a project, which is the reason of this post and to atract onlookers into the idea as well. Target players are brand new roleplayers, levelers, RP alts and experienced roleplayers, so pretty much anyone who have deep interest in RP.

  1. Founding Teachers and ideas for subjects to impart.
  2. More ideas based around the school that will promote events and RPing.
  3. Name, Location and Lore: This is an RP guild, we didn’t just pop-ed into existence. Where do we base off and where do we operate normaly is still a conflict for me to choose. I was thinking maybe Northshire but nothing has been set into stone.
  4. Recruiters

And that’s probably it… for now.

Now a little about me: I’ve been playing wow on and off for a few years. I love RP and love Classic as well, however I’m also behind the curve. My highest character is a lvl 45 Mage with a 27 Druid, so not even close to raiding. Also Raiding in the guild would be discused in the future if there’s interest on it. Anyway, I’m not hardcore into getting there yet and was thinking on a guild idea since I joined classic, so this is it. I’m also not a native speaker so pardon me some hicups.

If you do are interesed comment here, PM me or send me a DM on Discord at Spirit#7453

Thank you for comming to my ted talk


That is a very interesting idea!!!
I think a lot of people will be into it.
The most important part - in my opinion - is make this school a REGULAR thing.
Like once or twice a week at a certain time - the teachers will be at a certain place, so people could come and participate.
Make sure to post it on Deviate Delight subreddit too - with some visuals / pictures!
I will include it in my next video and spread the word around.