Ally have figured out how to premade again

Tonight I’ve been in a few winning AV’s. Leader stepped up, people listened. Once we had IBGY horde just fell apart and gave up. Basically a flip of what Alliance have been doing. No premade needed.


Horde didn’t have a 50 percent chance against premades. I was there during that time frame pvping av everyday and it was around a 10 percent winrate if that. As time went on horde slowly increased their odds by trying to force premades to leave games with full turtles.

Those horde are idiots who don’t understand how to use snares or slows or freeze apparently

Out of curiosity how many bgs were live when this happened, OP? Im assuming not more than 4? I think oce doesnt have more than 8 or 9 in peak time in the evening.

i was lucky enough to get in to a premade while solo Qing and i can Deff say THEy got STOMPED by the horde… just depends on how good the horde play or how good the alliance play


^^ say nothing about not being aloud … if evenything make it were u and your friends can join AND hey if mmore ppl join a group and everyone works together WHO knows what could happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you’re talking about a low rank premades. They had different tiers of difficulty based on how geared the group was from ranks fused together. High rank premades won almost every match. If you tried to force a turtle they just sapper your entire raid and aoe with their 10-15 mandatory mage setup.

5 vs 35-40. You guys are really nitpicking but yes. You can join as a group of 5 but you aren’t allowed/meant to join as a larger group.

OCE ali have figured out how to queue with a full team.

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For arguments sake, queueing as a group of 5 in a 40 vs 40 bg is not a premade lol. Not even remotely the same as having 30+.
That’s the equivalent of going into wsg or ab in a group of 2 and saying it’s a premade lol.

oh dont i feel silly i forgot to change my forum character… i play alliance on classic and kinda regret it now getting rep/honor in bgs is hard as alliance horde seem more cordinated

THat sounds like fun and AIDS at the same time lol

I wanted to be horde but noo my friends were like BUT ally is so much better at PVE i dont give a flying HOOT for pve lol but here i am Stuck :frowning:

I’m not exactly sure what constitutes as “pre-made”, since it’s fairly subjective. Had someone claim five people as a “pre-made”, once:

How do you know they were a premade and not just a group of 5 that told the masses where to go while executing all the clutch plays amongst themselves???

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Till i see proff of this im pretty sure Blizz will be the same way with out Proff not real just here say :stuck_out_tongue:

some did get stopped, they got left behind.

kind of funny, kind of sad, cause the guy is yelling at the raid Dont stop, if you fall behind you die.

Does not seem a fun way to play really, but what do i know?

As the ancient saying goes, “Pics or it didn’t happen!”


Horde always used discord in av which is pretty much what most alliance premades were.

Are you being honest with yourself with that argument? There were some discords Horde used to just give the pugs voice-coms…but that is nothing at all like the mass queue-dropping Alliance were doing to force a full team of people they wanted into the same game.