Allowing 60's into low level BG

This has to be the worst idea Blizz had on this expansion. Ran an Arathi on my 54 mage. 6 out of 15 horde were level 60’s with 226 pvp gear…not even kidding.

The “stat” squish, it isn’t enough. 30k hp players don’t belong in 50-59 Bg’s.

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I think either:

  • Set aside a separate queue (like Behsten-Slahtz xp-locked low-level toons) for players who queue by party-syncing level 60s with a low-level leader, or
  • Rework stat squish, so the level 60s would not have more power than the typical toons who are still leveling.
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This would be good. It’s insane to see these guys doing a total of 700k damage or healers healing for 1 mill in a Warsong.

700k damage when the normal person has 15-18k health.

neither do 10k hp players


I still want to point out that it seems like players think that the ilvl of the gear 60s are wearing makes a difference, whereas as far as I know it does not beyond heirloom on use equips/procs. I remember something about weapons damage and armor being lower if the ilvl was too low, but the cap was the scaled down ilvl of the gear for the bracket as the items themselves got scaled down to a specific ilvl. The only other advantages I know of is you get the max abilities for the bracket(or sometimes higher than the bracket) most consumables, and potentially a high template for the 51-60 bracket. It is not squishing the stats, it is outright assigning a template to the player which can only be changed by being different classes/specs, being in different brackets, or the other means already described.

From my experience, when I went against them when lvling my character from 51-60, they did not feel incredibly powerful and I was able to fight them fairly well, nor did the 60s on my side seem invincible. This is unlike how it was in bfa where party synced 120s into the 119 bracket were insanely powerful, equivalent or slightly weaker than actual 119 twinks until a certain point. Even then, grouped 120s were hard to defeat.

For your solutions, putting them in their own queues would serve the exact same purpose of what happened to xpoff; effectively removing the system from the game by preventing players from using it. If you want to remove this type of play from the game, or the people who primarily use it who wouldn’t be playing without it this action would mostly do so. There would be mostly no queues, no games, and no playing with your friends which appears to be the purpose of party syncing. People who like and use the system would probably be discontented.

Unless they decided to scrap the pvp portion of the system(which I also doubt since why introduce it as a new system feature for a patch then only to take it away), I doubt they would do this. Much more likely you could get your second solution of them changing the template/restrictions around. I do not mind this solution, as long as its not making them weaker than others or restricting them overly to the point where its fruitless to play(can’t contribute with their friends effectively, for better description of words).

Someone else in a previous thread brought up premades. On the topic of premades, anyone can premade even levelers. That is a completely separate subject in my opinion since you can use it with or without party syncing, which of course comes with an inherent advantage by having organized groups(who probably are at least moderately geared). If you don’t want premades and only solo queue for random bgs, state this, but please do not automatically apply this to party syncing as well without providing a separate explanation. As an example of what I mean for a reason; “party syncing uniquely allows more of an advantage with premades because of _____________________ over normal premades”.

Keep in mind I rarely party sync if at all, I don’t mind it nor its template but its not really for me because you have to have a second account active at all times to queue for every bracket. I just have extensively tested this when it first came out, and a decent amount recently with Covenant stuff before it was disabled.


Blizz cannot handle pvp… or, they would implement a system where you could queue naked and have just as much health, power, and ability as anyone else. The only thing that would be different would be your class, faction, and how you play.

Right now, it’s: “Ok, so, you wana play professional hockey? SURE! Here’s your branch for a stick that we found out back, and here is a pair of 1990 nike’s with popsicle sticks glued to the bottom for skates. What? Oh yeah, they’ve got better equipment than you, and even pads, but they’ve been doing it longer, you have to work up to that!”

Same gear.
Same level.
The only difference should be choice in what/how to play, not with what we can play with.

Until Blizz does this, pvp will never be balanceable… not balanced, but even able to be balnced.

“You wana go to war? Here’s a BBgun… come back when you’ve killed your first 1,000 and we’ll talk about getting you something better.”

It’s a joke.


Even when they had templates in Legion and barely any power gain, it was still unable to balanced due to the overall balancing of the templates and classes. Unless everything was exactly the same, or very few differences, there won’t ever be full balance and I’ve expected that since forever as it is nearly impossible in a constantly changing game with so many variables such as this. There was also enough power gain in some brackets to be significantly stronger with borrowed power. Since there was no progression, no goal to be worked towards nor any customization for the stats you already had it also failed in the category to retain players through progression. This is probably why they reverted it by the next expansion.

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As was mentioned 226 gears on 60’s or the junk 171 pvp gear I have scale the same in party synch. You just have to have gear higher than the level you are synched down to in order to get max stats.

The fights in the 51-59 bracket last longer than other brackets I’ve played in.

What was really OP was covenants working in lower brackets and those soulbinds, or whatever they are called, working. Now covenants only work in 41-49 and higher and the soulbinds stuff was completely disabled.

I remember playing 10-19 and using mindgames on healers when I would otherwise have no interrupt. Yeah it was broken but it was funny having healers kill themselves bc they weren’t expecting it or didn’t know what it was.

I doubt they’ll get rid of party synch bgs as a lot of people do it to play with friends. They’d be doing me a favor personally as I’d immediately cancel two accounts. I use to have two accounts.bc I was big into AH and farming but now this is the only thing I enjoy and do in the game.

This is laughable. The amount of versatility they are “squished” to is far beyond what one can attain at that level. It’s exactly why I see so many Duelist running around the 50’s bracket. They have a massive advantage and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be joining.


Ahhh, arguments that are full of butthurt and completely lacking in any facts, logic or reason.

First, if you’re talking about the “50s bracket” synced players will get destroyed there. The stat squish to 50 (which is it’s own bracket) will be far lower than what you can just gear to.

You’re probably talking about the 51-59 bracket, however, in which case you can also out gear a synced player if you actually try and gear before BGing. It’s a fun bracket to play alts you don’t have any intention of gearing or a new 60 who can’t compete with people 70-80 item level above you.

Second, gear on a 60 doesn’t matter, so why is that laughable. If you’re talking about their template then sure, but it doesn’t matter if they’re ilvl 225 or if they’re ilvl 150 - the stat template is the same. The template clearly wasn’t what that dude’s comment was about though, it’s people complaining about geared players syncing down. Gear changes nothing.


Introducing…the biggest troll ever to grace the forums!


Introducing…someone who doesn’t know how the sync system works

He is correct for party sync, with the exception of what I already have stated. I recommend you try party sync so that you can see for yourself as well.

What do you suggest that Sync Characters Template % are at with Versatility allocations?

You keep telling us how levelers don’t belong in leveling bgs. I’m not understanding who actually does? Only 60’s?

Leveling lasts a few days tops. It is not reasonable to expect levelers to stop and gear up every 5-10 levels.

How is multiple max level elites farming honor in a premade in a leveling bg “playing with friends”?

They should remove honor for players sync-ing down into a lower bracket. that would solve the problem completely.

My 48 got one shot 4 times by a 60 hunter tonight.

Edit to add: Oh, look! Those amazingly skilled players with 4 60’s on a 10 man team were farming our graveyard where we had zero 60’s and only 6 players. What amazing sportsmanship! Such mad skillz!


This is exactly right. Let’s be honest, if there wasn’t an advantage, these 60 elites wouldn’t be in low level Bg’s. And from what I’ve seen, the only friends playing together are the 4 60’s who seek out a low level stranger to join them and get them into a queue.

Sucks for you that one dude has friends.

Not true. They use a throwaway alt that they will delete and reroll to keep farming those sweet honor points and crushing actual levelers to prove their mad skillz.

the anchor toon doesn’t have to join the bg. it wont get any xp while not in the bg but still in group with the rest of the syncd team.