Allow us to kill Gizzek Fizzwrench

(Reeven) #1

The new quest to obtain Feathers (the mechanical parrot pet) has us receive a quest from Gallywix to track and assassinate Gizzek Fizzwrench, only to receive a counter proposal from Gazlowe to save him.

Look guys, if my character is gonna rat out Zekhan and Baine and slit Sira Moonwarden’s throat, she’s certainly past the point of allowing a Goblin to elope with a Gnome, against direct orders from one of her faction’s racial leaders. Let me choose to kill the guy, or at least let me choose to do something about Gazlowe apparently working in the Bilgewater Cartel’s back.

(Denona) #2

Gazlowe is not part of the Bilgewater Cartel. He is part of the steamweddle cartel, he is just employed by the horde atm.

(Yagarr) #3

But if you killed Grizzek, would that mean all the efforts of the PCs that don’t kill Grizzek are for nought?

Are we to have two universes, one where he lives and one where he dies?

Player choice in storytelling is cool and all, but you want Blizzard to ultimately be developing the same lore for all players. Player choice should be about choosing which part of lore you want to see. (I.e. would you rather help Sylvanas or would you rather help Saurfang?)

You don’t want to create two diverging stories. (I.e. in one player’s story, Sylvanas dies, but in another player’s story, Saurfang dies instead.)

(Smig) #4

Everyone is making a big deal about these “choices”. They arn’t choices unless they have repercussions, as of yet they dont.

The only, mildly, meaningful one will be the eye on N’zoth thing.