Allow us to do dungeons and raid with Opposite faction?

As Title says I think it would be cool idea to do dungeons and or raids with opposite faction.

So when you que you have option to be paired with opposite faction and while in party you can all understand each other but not kill each other.

This concept would add even more fun to dungeons and raids I get the fact this expansion might not be ideal to introduce this new element but mabey next expansion in 2020 ?


I always liked the idea of having one toon per server that was a ‘traitor’, like an ally orc or something


That idea really takes the “war” out of warcraft.


Nope. Really hope this never happens. What an awful idea.


How about if we promised to name our first born Sylvanas?


I think this starts to dilute the importance of factional choice.

Would seem a little weird in a time of war to be doing dungeons together and helping each other. I know lore wise it somewhat happens but I think crossing that into mixed parties might be a step too far because then at that point there’s no real point to factions.


Ya if you’re in a dungeon with 3 horde 2 alliance just be ready to get randomly kicked.


Omg, that would be so cool, raiding with horde




There isn’t a point to factions anymore. You guys keep trying to push the war narrative that nobody wants and always completely falls flat.


I don’t hate that you’re trying to manipulate me, i hate that it’s working. Light, give me strength.


Agreed. Letting the playerbase mix between the factions pretty much removes any identity between factions beyond just some flavor text. I already frown enough at the mercenary mode in PVP.

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Don’t speak for everyone.


To repeat the old grey-haired (but appropriate) response: it is called World of WARcraft. Other than finding new external enemies every expansion to hurl us against, there will always be that historical issue of us-v-them. Well, I say ALWAYS because they can change things if they really want to, but if would be difficult. Very difficult.

And please dont generalise with words like “nobody”. You don’t speak for the playerbase, you speak for you and its best to remember that to avoid being snarked at.



I’ve said this before, people would use in game mechanics to kill the other faction. I know I would. I’m nice, but I’m not that nice.


The only way I see it working would be through doing the double agent thing they did in trashcan … I mean Ashran. I really don’t want to be running with a gnome. I’d rather be giving them a swirly in that big thing on our map where Thrall’s hiding.

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While i can appropriate the need for factions to exist, it was a gimmick that sold in 2007, but since around MoP has only caused problems. In reality we have reached a point where the divide is causing more problems in the community then its actually creating enjoyment in the game, this is evident in the myriad of “X favoritism” threads.

The war story as a main focus story has failed, objectively, as every time its tried, it only ends up with more and more back lash. It a fully possible to allow cross factions, guilds, raids, dungeon groups, communication, and still maintain faction identity quite easily.

Factions can determine starting zone, they can determine cities you can and cannot enter, they can effect the stories you see in zones, or what side of pvp you end up on, which already is a none issue since you all implemented the merc mode were you can fight on the other side. Truth be told a breaking down of faction restrictions would actually be healthier for the game in the long run.


There is an importance to faction choice? Honestly it’s pretty much completely cosmetic. There are some story differences but since there are no meaningful decisions anymore (and the writing is well, horrible) having a hard faction wall makes no sense.

That doesn’t mean lower it entirely but even during times of hostility in this world there is still communication and cooperation in places (especially by civilians).



I think you are asking for what I am asking for: Remove factions because they are faked, forced, and pointless at this point in time.


The faction war is dumb. We all know it. Stop preventing people from playing with their friends and leave that to battlegrounds and arenas.

We practically already work together outside of Warmode, why bother with the pretense anymore?