Allot of old races are getting updated... we seeing an allied race?

It’s hard to use COVID as an excuse when one of their main competitors released nearly twice the content at a much higher quality than everything we’ve gotten in Shadowlands, to be fair.

Now, the internal frat culture issue is possibly a decent reason because I can’t imagine working when half my coworkers are drunk and trying to feel me up.


The title of this thread makes my eye twitch.

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ill say that also contributed yes. probbably more then covid tbh.

Tovi you know how dumb i am.
i disabled that tool you gave me to auto spell check since it kept bricking me.

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Not in next expansion ,maybe later on that would be too much.

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Eh? I don’t remember giving you anything.

And I don’t think you’re dumb.

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I think more customizations for base races including body type presets (fat, muscular, lean, etc) would probably cut down on most of the new race demands; obviously something like Tuskar or centaurs excluded…

There’ just a ton of things they could do with core races/ARs to flesh them out, for example Fel/Felblood Orcs and less hulking bodies for Warlocks. Both of these make sense.

Manari Eredar skins and less roided body shapes for Draenei with a short quest chain like the Darkr anger skins to explain how the Manari decided to rejoin Draenei society, etc.

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How about normal races? Why do you want a grind with it? Allied races suck… But I’ve expressed this in another thread.


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it was years ago and on another demontune i left at 50. it was Grammarly.

idk dude i think they rock. more mounts, more tabards, more transmog.
base races deserve priority. most def.

I think unlocking a race to play kind of breaks the fourth wall like a race change or faction transfer. The game is acknowledging that you’re working towards playing another toon.

Just a small nitpick.

WoD was a massive leadership failiure as a whole.

The concept was good, but the team wasn’t led well.

I would disagree because youre working to add another armed force to your side narratively. The ability to make a new character from those additional forces is just natural progression of logic, despite many other such races being unused thus far (taunka, gilgoblins, etc)

Seeing as Murlocs are a bane to everyone they should be neutral like Pandas.

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There should be a grand parade each allied race gets added then.

Most likely? Probably none, but I can tell you what races would be most consistent and/ or desired by the player base.


  • Stonemaul Ogres
  • Revantusk Forest Trolls
  • Dire Trolls
  • Taunka
  • Naga
  • Eredarei (Red Draenei)
  • Body Type 3 & 4 Forsaken (Upright Spines)
  • Body Type 5 & 6 Forsaken (San’layn)


  • Silver Covenant High Elves
  • Stillpine Furblog
  • Wildhammer Dwarves
  • Frostborne Dwarves
  • Vrykul
  • Lightforged Undead


In light of Dragonflight, the most likely AR’s would probably be Tuskarr for the Alliance and Centaurs for the Horde.

Personally before more allied races i think they should do another character model update like they did in WoD. some of the models are starting to look a little dated with some like nightborne hairstyles being really low quality textures. same with some human hairstyles. they could add more customization options at the same time as well