Allied races for Worgen and undead: Nelf Worgen and San'layn

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True that. We might never know… but I hope we do someday, hahaha!


It would be kind of interesting to see if Blizzard releases undead elves, they included the night elves turned from Darkshore into the mix as well.


They could’ve been raised by Sylvanas’ Val’kyr or something and maybe controlled to serve the horde? I dunno, just throwing out answers; Void elves shouldn’t be nearly as plentiful in lore as they are but they are because we have a bunch of players running around as them and they’re in the Alliance.

As said prior, there was plenty of elves who were afflicted by the worgen curse back in the days of the War of the Satyr, so various classes can be implemented in this area as well, maybe we can finally get the rare elusive worgen monk. Hopes for paladins as well but it prob wont happen


That is exactly what I said but people a lot of people didn’t read my thread and get stuck on the whole “Night elf worgen were only druids” argument.

Of course, I even linked a picture of one of them biting a damn sentinel in the comic. LOL

Also again, Fallynn, I made the exact same argument too about night elf worgen. No one knows exactly how many were even afflicted!

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Exactly! I hate when people pretend they know numbers for sure when in reality we simply don’t know and it was never said.


I also wish they would give Goldrinn the “Malorne” treatment with a gorgeous model update. It would be awesome to see him in the Dream or something while doing the quest line to unlock the nelf worgen… if it came to be.


My belf blood dk agrees with you.

I don’t but mostly because there’s not as much players base as there used to be and most that I’ve noticed that remain are casuals. Not saying all are so staph now with the “you said” crap.

With that said, maybe that’s why alliance been sucking for a while now. I honestly don’t remember it being that dead on horde side of my server.

I have lightforged draenei pally and besides tattoos and skin color, the only difference I’ve noticed is you can’t not have horns on lightforged.

Like literally they have to have horns.

This dk has no horns and it’s awesome because I can fully armor him without losing something that isn’t there lol

My pally has horns and I literally have like 5 o.k. looking Mogs that can work with any set I’d pick for him

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That would be really neat, I agree.

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We weren’t talking about humans, but elves.

We have enough humans too.

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This would be amazing, I’d also love to see them tied in with the Night Elves and Worgen under the Army of the Black Moon.

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Personally, I’m not a fan of either idea considering the sanlayn among the horde were wiped out in the alliance war campaign. And nelf worgen… I don’t know where the racial difference is between normal worgen and until they update the base worgen model… no.

If they add them, good for folks who want them, but I will not give them the time of day to bother. I’ll unlock them because I’m a completionist… but I would never role one up


Stoooooooooooooop with the Elves and San’layn already.
Seriously. It’s not even funny anymore. It’s just sad at this point.
We don’t need more elves.


You clearly didn’t read any of the threads or suggestions posted.

It’s also obvious this wouldn’t happen until they update the worgen models currently because they’d probably be doing it based off that instead.


Wow this would actully be really cool… However I think Nelves Worgen a and Human Worgen would need a lot of cosmetic love to set them apart…IMO

Even though we have the Void Elves as an answer to both High/Darkfallen cries for a pretty exotic elf on Alliance. I love to see Darkfallen in WoW at this point just to see the Forums burn in chaos… and check to see how does same people who complain have a Darkfallen in the Profile account just like they have a Void elf character… lol I would drink their tears in a fine glass of perfect irony! :smiling_imp:
DO it Blizz DO IT!! :rofl:


Four slots left on the current AR roster. Fingers crossed you’re seeing this Blizz. Hoping you make this happen.

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Different fur colors, Deer Horns, Tattoos, minor mutations.

There’s plenty to work with.


Ooooo that be so cool! :hushed:

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Like reading through this thread, I have one thing to say to the people who say “no more elves”…what other choices exist for undead or worgen?

Let’s be honest: there isnt really any.

Saberon? Sure they now exist on Azeroth thanks to the Maghar storyline (like the Botani and Goren) but they are notably known for being enemies to the orcs. In their culture, they are known for eating humanoid creatures. Ontop of that, we had a reputation devoted to killing them.

I will also mention that they are also the only civilized Draenor race without any lore coverage in Chronicles 2.

Lightforged Undead: You mean the controversial bs at the end of BtS with Calia Menethil? Why? They are a complete lore abomination.


To anyone reading this, just updated my original post. If these two are the allied races you want eventually in BFA, then show as much support as you can on the disussion and megathreads. Let Blizz know these two would be loved.

Again for reference:


Technically no. We don’t. As far as playable races go, there’s 2 elf choices per faction.3 if you count dh as their own race because horns and wings.

But, when had the game ever been about need? Blizzard didn’t ask what we need. They asking what we want.