Allied Race Players, what race did you play before allied races?

I played a blood elf.

Draenei before becoming a Lightforged Draenei.


Combination of Forsaken / Worgen.

Void Elf had the horror motifs I enjoyed more, but I still alt the other two.

I tend to jump between several “main” toons but I guess nelf and troll depending on side.

Night Elf. Still playing a Night Elf.



Miss the Female Pandaren battle shouts and animations.


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I hadn’t really played WoW in a long time. The highest level character I had was a Blood Elf so I used him to unlock Nightborne.

anything BUT Elf or gnome.

I played orc before.

Night Elf Druid/Mage. Horde side was a Belf Rogue, but my highest Horde now is a HM Tauren. Even if I play this Velf more, I still feel like I have three mains or four, as I love all of them.

All five of us started as Pandaren.

I played a blood elf (before the high elf vs Void elf vs blood elf gimme gimme feud made me want to purge all elves from the game), Tauren and trolls.

Played a human paladin in vanilla because they were alliance only. As soon as horde got paladins I jumped ship to blood elf. Was blood elf until Zandalari came out in BFA. Been happy ever since. I can play my favorite class, on my favorite faction , on my favorite race.

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It’s just an upgrade!

Orc & Pandaren primarily.

From vanilla until Cataclysm I was Dwarf all the way. I still have a soft spot for them. After Cata, though, it was Worgen. I love werewolves. MoP I mained a Pandaran and just loved Pandaria. I sat out for a long while and came back some time in BfA and loved Kul Tiran druids. That was my standard until sometime this expac and I’ve been torn between Zandalari druids and Vulpera. I’m hoping to settle on something before DF.

Started out as human, then saw my first Draenei and been that ever since.

On Horde Tauren and Vulpera.

My first race was a blood elf and i played it until void elves were introduced.
I then played void elf until vulpera came out.
But ive since returned to playing a void elf.

Theyre blood elves, just cooler.

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Forgen? Worsaken?

Night Elf and still playing it. Only way I’d change is if they made Panda Druids and then it’d be up in the air as I’d have to give up shadowmeld.