Alliance suck

As title suggests why do you people never feel the need to 1vs1?

I literally am able to kill 2-3 level 60 Alliance at once and then when I kill you I can imagine you frantically spamming the general chat in the zone begging for help. Then you bring 5-6 Alliance to kill my sole self. You people are terrible and have no honor.

My rant for the day. Curse you all. I will kill every single one of you on sight from now on.


Welcome to wpvp. Arenas are in retail. Maybe you should…ya know?


Well, maybe, but all I’ve ever seen you doing is ganking lowbies so…


How are you finding any 60s when you never leave Blasted Lands?


This is why I chose an rp-pvp realm.

ITS FRICKING AWESOME! Bring on the death and violence!

Proudly: 0 dishonorable kills here.

IF I ever do stoop to that, it will be in character and in good taste.


The idea that wpvp is supposed to be fair is just false. It is not a one way street.


This literally happens all the time to everyone everywhere in a pvp server.


x’) most of my dishonor kills was because of a gray hostile npc standing a bunch of mobs i’m farming. It’s sad when you open your honor tab and you’re like, what? I am such a bad person.

The seasoned Paladin was making his rounds through town and noticed a peculiar flier posted on the message boards

It was posted in the savage orcish tongue, but a scribe was kind enough to translate for others to read

“Alliance are weak…” Was the gist of the posting

Orlandeau thought for a moment and smirked

“Well… that can’t be right. First, there was this Scrape fellow and his shaman goons. After one of the shaman tried, and failed, to kill me… he just gave up.”

Orlandeau thought with a hearty chuckle

“Then…some mage and warlock had the gall to try to ambush me. But they weren’t prepared and I soon left them in the dust. Fools… be prepared next time.”

Orlandeau thought to himself some more, the notion of the opposite being likely and that Horde also share in the postings ranting

“Then, as my ventures subsided for the day, a fetid corpse of a woman attempted to kill me while I was fighting naga. She was clearly far more powerful than I was at the time, yet… she failed to do so.”

Orlandeau laughed aloud once more and shook his head

“No, this flier is all wrong. Clearly whoever wrote it knows not of what will come once he achieves more strength.”


Mirket the warlock that roams around STV killing people 30 levels lower!


Severous. Don’t tell lies.

Tis the way of the gank. The way of the PVP server. I’m sure he did it in style.

You’re on the horde. I don’t want to hear it!

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My alliance alts are on this server.

I’m glad i picked right.

I regularly see your guild members trying to gank 20s in Redridge.

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Warlock bragging about world PvP. Okay.

Why are you so salty?

All the flavors of the rainbow and you choose “salty” :frowning:

Uhh, pretty sure I’ve killed YOU specifically like 3-4 times solo in the wilderness. nice bait tho.