Alliance Should Be Banned En-Masse

I just started doing WPvP in Nazjatar again to get my last Essence before the expansion ends and after doing two Battles for Nazjatar and listening to general chat it looks like Alliance are abusing sharding to win every battle. In all honesty this whole thing really seems petty but the fact that they’re using huge groups of multiboxers and coordinating multiple raids to shard over and almost crash servers seems malicious to players as well as Blizzard’s servers.

Ultimately I don’t really care about winning or losing in these things since I’m still getting credit regardless, it’s just the fact that they’re pretty much intentionally trying to strain Blizzard’s servers and turn Nazjatar into an unplayable area during these battles. I just never thought I’d see the day when Alliance are so brutally beat down in PvP they’d feel the need to try and rig some small world PvP event so they can finally win something.

The fact of the matter is most of these players know exactly what they’re doing and they’re intentionally trying to crash servers and make the game unplayable. I’ve seen streamers banned for this exact same thing in the past and this should be met no differently.


Says he doesn’t care

Makes a thread demanding people be banned



I do indeed not care about winning or losing as the difference between the two is minor. However what I DO care about is malicious players intentionally trying to crash the server.

Also I’m making no such “demand” about banning people, simply pointing out that streamers have been banned for the same activity and hence these players SHOULD be banned.

Luckily for the 40-boxer who seems to be leading most of these Blizzard wouldn’t dare touch him because they’d lose their “whale”.


No one is intentionally trying to crash the server and if you didn’t care you wouldn’t be venting on the forums.

The title of this thread is literally “Alliance should be banned en masse” in all caps. Not doing yourself any favors bud.

Neither Alliance nor Horde has a 40 boxer.


I can’t even fully tell if you’re a forum troll or have difficulty reading but I’ll go ahead and end this conversation now since you’re clearly having issues.

I mean I clearly explained to you what is wrong with your view of what’s going on but yeah sure, I’m the one with “issues”.

You’re apparently having reading issues because you said I posted this in all caps, which clearly isn’t the case. Likewise there are certainly 40-boxers out there on BOTH factions so I can only assume you’re a forum troll.

So you’re taking issue with one part of my post and ignoring the fact that you claim one thing and your thread title says another. Big brain logic there my dude!

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My suggestion do not feed the troll from garrison gaming. Ovi has an issue, he tears apart your posts and spits it out in pieces. Mr. Grumpypants. Coming to the forums to complain about wpvp lag at the end of xpack is a lost cause.


I’m sorry you can’t handle the truth. Calling people trolls when they counter your points piece by piece just makes you look silly.

I thought you were going to end this conversation?

You’re not fighting a 40 boxer. You’re fighting a pickup Alliance raid. There’s nothing preventing you from making your own raid to try to win the battle.

Horde already win 2/3 of the battlegrounds. Alliance just happen to be better at the Nazjatar battle. It really sounds like you’re just salty because you want Horde to be Blizzard’s favored faction everywhere, instead of just in 99% of the content in the game.

Mmmm stopped there not enough research to go off of lol.

From what I read,which wasn’t much, id say you had a bad run. Got stompped. Were told COUNTLESS times that horde win everything and assume someone’s cheating when that doesn’t happen

I’m on your side dude. Bann every 120 alliance let’s do this


No they really are not better … better at making huge raids to outnumber horde . That ya they are.


aww the sound of horde tears music for my soul


Gunna have to disagree with this. While it is entirely possible to start a listing as horde, the servers would crash if they met with even numbers. Garrison Gaming purposely brings WAY too many people to the zone, so that bringing a defense raid is at best a waste of time.



Luckily for me, as I stated before, I was close to being done with Nazjatar PvP and finished yesterday. Glad to be out of this toxic cesspool of angry players and back to winning BGs.

Good. You wanna call other people toxic but you’re on here asking for the entire Alliance faction to be banned because you can’t handle a little losing. What a baby.


It’s funny that the first person to respond to this thread, is part of the most guilty Guild that uses these same tactics to win.