Alliance player choice?


I saw your post before you deleted it. Yes, you DO get more player choices. Check out the PTR.
Where is the Alliance players’ choice? We have to help the horde? LOLOLOL
If the roles were reversed, the forums would be flooded with horde tears.

(Daiza) #4

Is there “player choice” in the next patch? I thought everyone was railroaded into helping Thrall and Baine.

(Zachaios) #5

Ummm, Alliance’s side of the story is 10x better than Horde’s. Your city is by far better than our temple. The location of your NPC’s are right near each other. You all get to essentially be the heroes of the story, without having to be forced into opposing your moral compass. Your leader is a bit cheesy, I’ll give you that … but he’s not going full crazy mode.

The story is only half told at this point. Until we get the whole box of chocolates, it makes no sense to go up in arms.

Also … from what it’s looking like, Blizz is beginning to branch off into a 3rd faction. It’s complete speculation on my part, but it’d provide Alliance with their “choice,” as well as Horde.


I wish we had an option to stand with the more anti-Horde characters like Tyrande and Genn.

Last time we helped The Horde they came back around and burned down Teldrassil, they don’t deserve mercy or help anymore, let them tear each other apart.

(Dellexi) #7

As alliance you get to name a SHIP, most relevant event ever!

(Dardillien) #8

I don’t agree with these types of threads because the expansion isn’t over. For all we know the Horde is getting the “choices” now, and then the Alliance gets them later. Now if the expansion ends and the Alliance gets no choices, then I think you have an argument to be made.


Nice for you to throw all kinds of subjective terms and ignore my question.
The Devs are literally spending the thrust of the storyline around the horde. The Alliance is merely the reaction faction topped with a few sprinkles of cheese.


Eh, debatable. While we’re not imploding…we’re pretty much at levels of Humans and their background characters do things.

I want the player choice of getting a drink and hitting up the beach while y’all sort things out.

(Imatroll) #11

The game is made by Horde centric developers who take care of their own first and foremost. Alliance gets table scraps and/or things it never asked for.

For future reference please refer to Mechagnomes.


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This is what we hear EVERY EXPANSION. We hear it during pre-release with notes, during PTR, EVERY TIME we hear “Just wait, they’re not through yet” and it ends up the same.

(Daiza) #14

I actually don’t disagree with this. But it’s worth noting that the Horde story is a dumpster fire nestled in a dumpster fire, after breaking off of another dumpster fire.

So giving the Horde choices in how they want to burn is more of a sick joke than anything else.

(Zachaios) #15

Without being too passive aggressive on my part, I’m going to help you read where I addressed your issue.


Great, so we end up with TWO horde factions and one Alliance.

Pretty much leaving Alliance-centric players.


The faction story as a whole is a very disappointing and rather awful story.

I much prefer the B Plots of this expansions, Jainas story on Kul’tiras was absolutely beautiful, I will stand by the opinion that it is one of the best pieces of writing Blizzard has done in a very long time.

It revealed a character with flaws and emotional issues, rather than being the one note, “Rawr Horde” they made her.


I feel sorry for Alliance writers and REALLY sorry for any Devs who secretly main Alliance.
They must feel so bullied at work.


Yeah and it looks like it’s starting to take a toll on the Horde community. I feel like we’re back in MoP where overly aggressive Orc players were being nasty to other Horde members on RP realms.

It got pretty bad a few times.


They’re not even real choices either.

The only difference in your choice, is you tell Nathanos whats happening, and he tells you to “Go with it for now, i’ll let Sylvanas know.”

It’s so lazy and bad.

(Fayx) #21

Because that’s how the Alliance operates. You guys march in near lockstep with barely any relavent cultural differences, and even those differences are smoothed out over time
Night Elves used to hate arcane magic, now Highborne mages are accepted members of the race
Gnomes used to have no faith and no care for nature, now both priests and hunters are a part of their culture
It isn’t even just the changes in cataclysm, think about Mists and how the theme for the Alliance there was to learn to follow Humanity’s lead.
On the opposite end the Horde’s changes over time only made them more distinct.
Forsaken’s open use of chemical weapons, Goblins expanded use of technology, magic and mergings of the two to make weapons, Tauren becoming more and more forgiving as a people even to their enemies, Trolls embracing their loa more than just general “spirits”. Even Blood Elves embracing of the light only serves to distinguish them more from other Horde races.

As far as I can tell, unity versus freedom seem to be the two opposing themes in the Alliance and Horde.
So while every Alliance character trust crying Brad Pitt Jesus who literally has the ability to feel in his bones when he is making a wrong decision or being lied to, the Horde argue and fight amongst each other because we each have wildly different ideas of what the Horde means to us and how it should operate.
Some want victory over death, regardless of the means needed to attain that victory. Some believe that without honor any victory is hollow because we killed who we are to gain it.

I only hate that it constantly leads to character deaths.

(Zachaios) #22

Wrong. We end up with a neutral faction, which would address all of the faction imbalances. If there’s a faction where everyone can be whoever, then it’d provide a semblance of balance to the game.

Currently, it looks much more like it’d be two Alliance leaning factions than Horde. Horde, we have nutty dead lady running around trying to murder everything.

Alliance, you have the boy king who wants world peace. Then you have the “peace” loving faction who live for honor, etc. (IE Thrall, Saurfang, Baine, etc.)

While all may be at odds in one fashion or another, the “new” faction would essentially be somewhere in the middle of the field.

Edit: Again, this is complete speculation on my part. You’re entitled to your opinions and complaints, I’m just providing you a difference of opinion for debate purposes. From my perspective, Alliance has the better end of the stick than Horde do in this expansion.