Alliance is so bad in AV it must be on purpose

Just got out of a game where Alliance kited Lokholar all the way to the spawn point in our cave. We literally couldn’t even rez because he would just kill us again. Since rep farming is no longer a thing, apparently trolling is the only thing Alliance can still accomplish in AV. That and the most toxic BG chat you can imagine. :weary:

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Why do you even play that map? It’s just bad, and a huge majority of the players in it are too.

Come do AB and enjoy the game instead because now days I win more games than not, and I solo que for it.


Trolling can be fun. In really bad AVs where there’s just no chance on my rogue I like to sit at the horde graveyard and sap everyone ressing. One time they got so annoyed that they diverted an entire group of about 10 people to come back to SH graveyard to try to find me. They didn’t, I was watching them spam arcane explosion safely from a distance.


AV is only good for the alliance on AV weekends. On AV weekends there are some fun games that make dealing with the unfun games ok, but seriously the gear with rep is getting obsolete fast with AQ20 coming out very shortly. AB and WSG are both way better for alliance to join and you actually get wins.

Although I probably would have fun messing around in AV as an alliance rogue. As a non-stealthy alliance it’s torture.


Yap. Only times I enter AV is with a group of 5-10 guildies to try and win games and have fun. Which is rare. Just not worth going into even on my alt.

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I never wanted to believe what I always thought was a toxic pvp game meme, that people need “reported” for, I guess, throwing games on purpose? Yet I can’t see any reason your team would have done that other than to throw the game on purpose. I’m perplexed.

Not even worth it then. It goes from 5% win to maybe 30% win. Woooo…

I wonder if Horde ever kite ivus to their cave…

LOL I kid. He just stands around all bugged out. Or did the devs fix that?

LOL I kid again.


I’ve only seen Ivus once, and he was kited to the Horde cave.

Was playing in AV earlier and had this new issue I hadn’t had before. Was dead and waiting for a res, but so many dead alliance were sent to the GY that when the res happened, I stayed dead because the limit was hit. So had to stay dead for 30 more seconds waiting for the next res. What is up with that? Why aren’t dead people over the res limit being sent to a different GY? I mean it makes you just want to stay dead the rest of game if you don’t res when you’re supposed to. A lot can change in 30 seconds, especially when some of your team has to wait an additional 30 seconds to res.

I’ve only seen him once and he stood around doing nothing. But then again I have no idea what he’s like now.

He’s just as buggy and useless.

horde have to wait so long that they queue up their alternate account to afk av to help facilitate queue times.