Alliance Internal Conflict

You know something I’d like to see happen to cause conflict in the Alliance? Two things.

  1. I want to see Tyrande go to Genn and appeal to his since of loyalty and desire to see his people flourish. I want her to basically bring up how Varian, and now Anduin, promised to help reclaim Gilneas but have failed to live up to that promise and then offer to help reclaim his kingdom with the help of her people the way Varian/Anduin and the Alliance couldn’t.

Now this is not me wanting Tyrande villain batted, not at all, I would just like to see her pull Genn out from under Anduin’s boot and get him to stop licking it. Give Genn his teeth back and have him and Tyrande band together with their people to form a darker/wilder part of the Alliance who the rest of the Alliance is like whoa… they go hard. I could see the Dark Iron Dwarves wanting to join up with the Gilneans and Night Elves as well.

  1. With Turalyon leading the Alliance, and King of Stormwind, while Anduin is gone, I want to see people love him as the leader. He should be really well respected so that when Anduin comes back there is a big divide with many people wanting Turalyon staying as the leader while others want Anduin.

Let’s see Stormwind divided with the House of Nobles back and fighting for power. Let’s see the Alliance, who knows this truce with the Horde is temporary, fracture because there are those that want Turalyon to stay in power since he is more hardened, has experience, and knows what needs to be done when the time comes. Meanwhile you have others siding with Anduin because they like his ideals and beliefs wanting to strive for peace in the long term.


Why not make Genn the one to petition Tyrande instead? Otherwise you’re just making him switch metaphorical masters. Making him the one to bring it up would make him seem like he has more agency in his own story, in my opinion.


Blizzard seems content with making Genn suck up to Anduin as some sort of surrogate son for him, so I don’t see him moving against Anduin. Which is why I said it would have to be Tyrande propositioning him. I think in the end he would choose Tyrande over Anduin as we saw with him choosing to help her in Darkshore.


I’m not sure it really works as the writing team tried with burning Teldrassil to cause tensions in the alliance and now Thrall is on a quest to bring Sylvanas’s head to relieve tensions.

Well we know this isn’t going to happen anyway, and last time the Horde promised to change, the Burning of Teldrassil came out of it.

Anduin is a fool, a giant fool and needs to either be dethroned or depowered. He can stay high king but not be above other Alliance leaders.

I wish that Genn or Tyrande were the leaders of the Alliance, or a council. Then we wouldn’t have a kid telling us how seeking justice for having your people genocided is wrong and that we must all blindly forgive, forget and move on.


Thrall is trying to ease the tensions with the Horde and Alliance by bringing Sylvanas’s head to Tyrande.

They set up tensions in the Alliance with Tyrande telling Anduin to basically screw off because the Night Elves always help the Alliance but when they need the help the Alliance is like “uhhhh we can’t.” So they could continue to have tension by having Tyrande get Genn on her side and make it cause a rift in the Alliance where the Night Elves and Worgen remain within the Alliance but they are now no longer underneath the High King’s boot.

Have them do their own thing and be that wilder, darker, side of the Alliance that the rest of the Alliance is kind of like we are just glad they are on our side even though they are savage.


My hope is Anduin goes away for awhile after SL. I actually don’t hate the character but as a leader he’s kind of insufferable. As I’ve said before nothing is funnier than the BFA opening Horde quest, where you’re hiding just feet from Anduin and it’s framed as this tense moment.

And it would’ve been if that were Varian. Or Turalyon. Or Genn. Tyrande. Hell even Mekkatorque seems like he’d just ice a fool with a laser cannon. But Prince Andy? What’s he going to do? Give us a fair trial and humane prison conditions before giving a speech about how there’s good in everyone and letting us go?

Thrall has similar problems but at least we know he’s very fallible. Anduin though? Every move in BFA was correct. It was right to free Saurfang and if SR is any evidence it was right to trust the Horde with a treaty for the time being, as only Talanji is still bloodthirsty and even she cools off by the end of the book.

His only real mistake is deciding to walk into Slyvanas’s trap in Lordaeron. But Genn and Alleria also do this so I guess we missed a bit earlier on where they all got bonked on the head.


This is my issue with Anduin, everything he does is right and Blizzard writes every other character around him as basically OOC idiots just to make the narrative bend over backwards to suit Anduin and his beliefs. Seriously, as soon as they walked into the throne room and saw Sylvanas unarmed Alleria should have made her a pincushion and Genn should have ripped her head off after what happened at Teldrassil. But nah, they had to be written as morons so Anduin could monologue and let Sylvanas escape because he wanted her to surrender.

He never suffers consequences for any of his actions, everyone around him does.


It seems to be not just them. I saw a comment based on Shadows Rising some time ago, that the dwarfs are also kind of anti-horde at the moment, maybe even void elves. But who knows how the devs will play this card.

Got it here:

P.S.: not sure about Voss though. She does not want a conflict for now, but seens to be rather sceptical if that will work [at least that’s how I interpret her lines from pre-patch]

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One more thing I just remembered. Isn’t Gilneas already reclaimed and used as a staging ground for further incursions through those dumb BFA mission tables? Assuming Blizzard remembers, that is.

I could see Tyrande and Malfurion offering to help cleanse the land of any residual blight to make it habitable out of thanks for coming to their aid, though.

I wouldn’t take the Mission Tables as gospel. Warden Stillwater is not only still alive but actively commanding Forsaken troops. This was a man so depraved Apothecary Lydon ordered his immediate summary execution. Do you know how evil you’ve to be to cross a line with the Royal Apothecary Society? That’s like being kicked out of Attila’s Huns for being too into pillaging.

And it bothers me so much because I’d bet money he’s only there because the creators looked up the name of Hillsbrad Forsaken NPCs and picked him.

And c’mon Master Apothecary Lydon and Helcular are right there, ready to be plot relevant again anytime.


Nice strawman but that wasn’t what happened.

So, you’ve never played BfA, I take it?

Except that he does. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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But that’s EXACTLY what happened. This is what Anduin told us, and how wrong Tyrande is for not forgiving and making up with the Horde.

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Ever seen the Movie remake of The A-Team?
Remember the ending to that movie?

I just remember feeling my suspension of disbelief crumbling when they started flying a tank.

Oh come on. Even I thought that was funny!

But anyway, It’d be funny if Warden Stillwater was like “Lynch” was in A Team.

Damn. that’s the wrong clip

I did… They literally wrote the characters OOC just to fit Anduin’s narrative. The Alliance shows up to Undercity not prepared for Blight? Genn has personally seen Sylvanas use it, OOC behavior for him. As I said when they walked into the throne room Sylvanas should have been attacked on the spot, especially by Genn who almost lost his wife to Sylvanas burning down Teldrassil, but nah he had to be written OOC so Anduin could monologue about how evil Sylvanas is.

After the battle of Dazar’alor the Alliance has to stop their attack because Anduin said so because he didn’t want to “be just as bad as Sylvanas” Meanwhile all those people sacrificed themselves in the suicide mission for nothing. Who we now know went to the Maw to suffer. Everyone except Anduin seems to suffer consequences for his decisions.


The biggest sin of the table missions was sounding a lot more fun than what I was doing.

Oh there’s some huge battle at Shadowfang Keep between the Forsaken and Worgen and we’re bringing Gnomish spidertanks and Tauren earthshakers to the party? Can I go play that, because it sounds awesome?

Oh guess not. I’m the Commander so I just delegate the cool war missions. My time is far too valuable doing stuff like, checks notes, poking around the sea floor for Derek’s dead body and collecting Hyena ish for the Voldunai. That’s, so much more important than a haunted castle siege involving robot tanks and giant war kodo I guess.


That scene was completely written in Character for each and every character there. Just because they weren’t written the way YOU wanted them doesn’t mean they weren’t.

Oh, btw. Genn almost got them all killed there if not for Anduin BECAUSE of the accuracy of his protrayal.

The didn’t “stop their attack” and they did not sacrifice themselves for nothing. The Victory was achieved.
You can argue the Victory itself wasn’t worth the lose in lives.
But then you’d be arguing against the history of war.

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This devolved into an Anduin whinging thread in record time.

We’ll see where this allegedly Alliance internal conflict comes into play. I personally think it’ll be rather boring if just night elves crying about how the Alliance aint doing enough for them.

It will be far more interesting if say the Alliance just drifts apart like the Alliance of Lordaeron does. Night elves can be whiny and drift away. Draenei can can focus on actually building a nation for themselves, dwarves get back digging, things like that and because of that only Stormwind (and Gilneas) have any interest in a trying to keep the Alliance banner flying.

It would be a more nuanced tale, actually involve all the members of the Alliance and it wouldn’t just be a reskin of the Horde’s internal conflict.

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