Alliance/ Horde Monk Race Selection for Funsies (detailed within the post...)?

Which of the following Alliance races would you choose (or have you chosen) to play as a Monk for the sheer entertainment/ enjoyment value?

  • DID
  • IF Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Mechagnome

Same question for the Horde side regarding:

  • HMT
  • Vulpera

I went Vulpera cause I thought it was cute (note, I’m not a furry)

Surprisingly, A Nose for Trouble has accounted for so much damage reduction beyond what I figured it would.

Also not a furry here, though I really like my Vulpera shaman. I’ve a Vulpera monk waiting in the wings–only tested him at lvl 10. Perhaps I should take the leap and genuinely start playing him. (I didn’t realize how A Nose for Trouble might help the monk class–another bonus.)

went nightborne for the snare as mistweaver does not have one.

underwhelming in pvp but has some effect if you macro it to go off at the same time as a roll or teleport around.

Mechagnome brewmaster reporting. Love being a mechagnome. The racials are super nice for brew. Some mini copies for my own Druid like wish . com treants to pull some trash off if I need a quick escape. My fail safe heal has triggered at least once per key run.

I’m just a key running ksm heroic raider who loves being a tiny cyber enhanced gnome punching and kicking big baddies with my metal fist and feet.

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There are two types of people; furries and liars.

Now, I am not a furry, but I am a liar and i think Pandas are great.

y u hat D=

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No hat

Only fur

am not yiffer

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Went Kul Tiran for Mistweaver. People of the sea just seemed a perfect fit. If I was mostly Brewmaster, would definitely be dwarf.

I love my HMT.