Alliance Herod exodus

How many other people/guilds are leaving for greener pastures?

I’m just quitting wow tbc classic. I don’t want to toss Blizzard any more bones. It would cost me 225 dollars plux tax to transfer all my characters, and I don’t feel like doing a grind again. I already gave away what I had that was worth gold. Best of luck to everyone on the server, both alliance and horde. It was fun while it lasted.

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It’s kinda trash to come back just for TBC and start playing alts to make more gold only to find out people are just dipping. I still enjoy solo-questing and pvp, so Idk what to do rn. I think I’d rather quit the game as well than pay for transfers. Blizzard not merging dead pop servers is kinda pathetic at this point. I see other servers are completely screwed, too. Figure it out.


I have about less than 18 days left on my sub, and heading over to FF14.

I think the timing is perfect something different and just relax and have fun… something I haven’t in TBC since maybe the first 3 weeks of release.

Alliance just mad they can’t dispel world buffs anymore

Can I have your gold for safe keeping friend

Blizzard won’t do anything about this. The game is unplayable as an Alliance on this server.

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