Alliance Guild <We Smoke Herbs> here to stay/recruiting

We have noticed many folks leaving the server and saying the server is dead. This makes no difference to us, we are here to stay.
Anyone who chooses to stay is welcome to join our guild. Any level. ANYONE.

With that out of the way here is the fun stuff:

We are currently a very small progression guild. This week we are getting ready to do 10 man UBRS (level 50+). If you would like to come have a good time in voice chat and share a few laughs, then this is the place for you.

I would like to get an idea who is fit for our raid leader role (I will lead first raid) of our core group. We also want to discuss raid times between our interested members and newly found members.
Ultimately, we will see how far we get and it should be a blast!
Just whisper me in-game or reply here.
ALT+145 gives you the “æ” for my name.
(Or just copy and paste this: Cæl)

Thank you,

Guild Masters of We Smoke Herbs,


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