Alliance getting a wolf mount


Alliance wolf mounts? Someone is like 4 years late to the party, lol.

(Caelin) #64

Odd, I don’t remember that being some huge request from the Alliance player base. We just didn’t want any more freaking horses…

(Gambacha) #65

That was like my main reason for making a Night Elf back in the day but all my friends either stayed or went back to Horde, so I just followed cause playing alone sucks.

(Jessail) #66

That’s why I played a human, my first warlock was undead… but my friends were all alliance and I didn’t want to play a gnome at the time.


Nope, rams.

The ram design in this game…is outdated and weird. We need fresh rams, people.



Why ride a wolf, when you can just become one since 2010?

(Ollin) #70

The demand hasn’t been specifically for a wolf mount.

It’s been for anything that’s not a freaking horse.


What an incredibly stupid way to think. Subs must be down?

Alliance have access to wolf mounts in previous expansions, like Warlords. Grow a brain.

(Enekie) #72

Give the Horde a horse to make things fair.

Hell, give them all our horses. I don’t want any of them.

(Solarwynds) #73

I see those drama classes have paid off.

(Perciva) #74

I assume that you also complained when Horde got two saber cat mounts from darkshore… which is much more of a brow raiser since saber cats have always been ancient and long-lived allies to the nelves and are more than intelligent enough to not let themselves be tamed/ridden by who they could easily identify as the enemy. Same with the chimera.


At least it is not another recolored horse.

(Eret) #76

I got a horse in arathi… Omg subs must be so looooooow!

Darmacs mounts looked great.

(Yayayayayaya) #77

I was thinking some people have really been grasping at straws lately and believing things that simply aren’t true, like Alliance getting wolf mounts for the first time. Thank you for proving I’m not crazy.


My only concern is it may be a saddle mount from pvp as a wolf lover I so want it but don’t know if I can handle the pvp if it is a saddle mount also we get a mount of Cruelfang the wolf.

(Amuza) #79

I agree, Alliance should only get different variations of horses and gryphons.


Same here. I’m going to have to PvP if this ends up being the next Vicious mount. I need it badly :expressionless:

(Vixie) #81

This is why I was in ZG every week killing the cat boss. I finally got my black panther after a few months and totally content. I made all the gem panthers back in Mists for flying cat mounts.

Think the only things Horde can’t ride/don’t have are elephants…no wait, the vendor mount is an elephant. Okay then, no mecha-chickens. That’s okay, my gnomes don’t ride those gassy bouncy mounts either.


perhaps even, dare I say, an…