Alliance getting a wolf mount


I was thinking, the subs must REALLY be down… They’re going to sacrifice some very original aspects of the franchise to please part of the remaining playerbase…

As a player who started on warcraft 1, imagining humans, gnomes etc riding wolves… Feels so wrong and out of place lol

But I guess some people will enjoy them so that’s whats counts in this time of crisis…

(Kittredge) #2

Actually I feel like Dwarves… kind of should be riding around on Bears and Wolves… it just makes sense.

(Fyre) #3

Wait. what? I’ve already got 2 wolf mounts.

(Alamara) #4

You know there’s other wolf mounts available to Alliance since WoD, right?

Also, “to pleaser the remaining playerbase”? When did Alliance players ever ask for a wolf mount? It’s not like there was a huge demand for it.

Why not wait and see why this mount is being considered? Maybe there’s a story reason? Maybe it’s NPC-only? AFAIK, there’s no spell to summon it yet, nor mount journal description.

(Daft) #5

My Goblin was riding around on a horse earlier


I honestly didn’t remember alliance could use wod wolves
I probably have them too

Not a biggie I just remembered how people complained alliance getting horses and associated the new wolf as the devs response

(Gambacha) #7

I was super stoked we got a nightsaber mount from Darkshore, then I found out about shado-pan mounts now I’m grinding the rep lol.

(Wariya) #8

NO horse :scream:

That does it blizz alliance is officially dead :rage:

(Kirela) #9

What wolf mount are we talking about here?

(Lavalämp) #10

that one


I already have 2-3 wolf mounts.


Since mop aotc garrosh mount.

(Vaeana) #13

Yes, wolf mounts are what will bring back those lost millions of subs.

I know a ton of people who quit because they couldn’t get a wold mount. They all said to me " The only way I’ll ever give this terrible, greedy, out of touch company and money, is if I can have a wolf mount as Alliance."

I can’t wait to give them the good news.

(Rosenivy) #14

ah yes the real reason subs are down. wolf mounts.

cmon now

(Neocleo) #15

Sir, this may come as a shock to you but there have been wolf mounts in Alliance for a long time now.

(Leyami) #16

I have at least three already, and am looking forward to the return of Hati for the possibility of a fourth.

(Melithiria) #17

First off, we don’t even know if this is going to be a usable mount; it might be for Saurfang or another NPC.

Second, there are already 6 wolf mounts I can ride on my Alliance characters. 6 of them. There is going to be another wolf added for WoD timewalking.

Third, really… this conspiracy theory thing needs to die off already.

Then how could I forget… Worgen are wolf people.

(Rorrand) #18

And one of them is me.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Running Wild, of course. Fantastic racial, 10/10.

(Svenska) #19

We already have a wolf mount, the one from AotC Garrosh.

(Alamara) #20

Good call. I have that mount and had forgotten about it.