Alliance gets FREE ilvl 400 weekly!? What the!?

I understand now.


I didn’t know if I was going crazy, but it even looks like he replied to himself as well.


Hint: He did. lol

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I almost forgot that I made this epic thread full of salt and tears. Now it would be nice if it stop getting bumped :smile:

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Too bad they still lost the race.


Guess it didn’t mean much after all, eh?

did someone say bump?

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It will one day be Alliance that have the greater numbers again and the tables will be turned, Alliance will complain that Horde get the 400 gear and the 30%.

Its the design that Blizz wants to keep the cash flowing from faction transfers

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Keep on dreaming the dream.

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why are you responding to this old post? limits transferral was not the only indication that it was a bad move, you don’t give heroic raid gear same day as it comes out. Good lord, it’s not rocket science.

Eh, it wouldn’t have been the same if Jaina wasn’t such a large roadblock. They had a massive lead in the race.

Method simply jumped on the bandwagon of swapping to Troll to abuse the racial before them. Without the racial, at that stage it was currently impossible to beat with their current gear levels, it required another raid lock out, which Limit used and were able to down her subsequently.

It would have been interesting to see how it would have panned out without the racial change but unfortunately we won’t ever see it.
Also it bears remembering that Method also dropped over 100 mil gold into securing an alternative gearing route to make up some of the difference.

In hindsight they probably would have been better off doing the faction swap.

Seemed to be one of the main points given, yet in the end it bore no fruit.

How exactly does that one piece matter now?

Now it likely doesnt matter, why? because we have a good portion of the player base above or near 400. I myself am like 407 equipped. But i got it through earning it from 10s, heroic, the a bit of Mythic bosses. Ofc when its ready isnt tied to my personal progress but i’d say the minimum amount of time has passed to where you don’t feel cheated.

I mean, how exactly would one feel cheated about someone else getting a piece of gear? Two weeks in it already didn’t matter.

I got a 405 titanforge from a 365 the first week of BoD. Would you feel cheated about that?

It never mattered. Gear will even out like it always does, and raiding will even out. Just be thankful you’re playing on the faction with more people actively doing PvE. Sucks trying to find decent pugs Alliance-side.

This is still here, Alliance its OK we all knew Horde would get their way and get this removed. We cant go having things tilt in alliance favor for that long…

Horde you may now begin the attack :slight_smile:

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This thread needs locked. It’s completely moot since the 400 piece no longer exists.


It did, because you were getting 400 ilvl gear, that you get from the raid, that was released the same day. You don’t see a problem with that? Keep in mind that heroic is a huge wall for most of the player base.

lol, Alterac Burning Crusade Alliance Boycott is calling your name

As soon as you Horde finish their boycott the Alliance one will commence!!!

No problem for me .I have toons on both factions .whichever gets the quest I login and kill kill kill