[Alliance] <Chill Casual> [PvP] [Kirtonos] [Sat/Sun] [8-11PM Eastern] (Updated)

Any room for a filthy casual mage over there on Whitemane? Not sure on raids…Sats are always hard, for now really just looking for a fun group to socialize/organize dungs/PvP/quest/level/WPvP aka all the casual stuff with.

At work now but if that all sounds cool would love to connect later

Bnet - Yogimus#1245

Sure, sent a request.

Classes are fillling up

I have updated the original post with server info.

** Update due to Whitemane being full. If Stalagg has a healthy population (Med to High) we will be there. The Data centers for the servers are Chicago and LA anyway. **

As soon as I see Stalagg at medium pop we’re going there. This is accounting for all the people who haven’t even subbed back yet.

Just as a follow up we are on Stalagg now. We are here to stay and not moving servers again. Sorry for any confusion.

Sent my info via the form if you still need a priest. Off to work now but will be on over the weekend.

Bnet - Halftrack#11852


My buddy and I are looking for a guild to call home. I plan to roll dwarf Priest and my buddy will be a dps Warrior. We will will be playing hardcore at launch. I see the need for both of those is low, but happen to have room for us?

Thank you!

Yes. While they may be low, we still are accepting both classes.

Still looking for warlocks and mages

Also paladins!

we are still in heavy need of Rogue’s and Mages,a few Druids and Paladins. Main tank spot is Closed and we still need a few healers.

Updated the post.

Hey. I will be rolling a Feral Druid and a Rogue (two accounts). I would be happy to join a progression/PVP guild who is semi-serious. Obviously, only going to raid with one as needed. Let me know if interested.


We would love to have a Feral Druid. Let’s talk.

discord - Impact#1332
Bnet - Impact#1662

Keepin’ it classy! Bump.

Looking for Resto druids.

We’ve updated current needs in the Main post.

Moving on up. Few spots left.

Looking to join on my mage. Magikman#1545. Been playing since Classic and cleared up to first quarter of Naxx.

Accepted the request