Alliance Brethren in AV


Please stop feeding into the horde’s new hot turtle strat.

That is all.


The more patient horde are playing again. Either that or the faction-switching alliance baddies gave up and left for easier carries in other games. That said, there are still a ton of new alliance baddies in AV. Probably chasing “easy conquest gear.” :laughing:


We have a turtle strat?

(Speedred) #4

Horde have a new strat?

(Nakkago) #5

Make a stand at IBT

Alliance keep throwing themselves for 40 minutes.

Every game is going same way now … but in my experience , Alliance are winning a majority of such games as Horde don’t know what to do after defending IBT


Yeah I got the email from Horde HQ a couple days ago. We’ve all been instructed to dress up as hot turtles. I’m not sure why, but I generally don’t question these things. I don’t really have the armor for it, so I mainly just equip fire weapons and move slowly.

Kudos for figuring us out.