Alliance are the strongest cosmic faction

Alliance are the strongest cosmic faction, as it stands.

Think about it. They hold stronger, if not ‘the’ strongest race in various cosmic fields – or have those that have mastered those areas better as opposed to the Horde.

  • Fel → Man’ari Draenei
  • Light → Lightforged Draenei
  • Void → Void Elves.
  • Nature → Night Elves.
  • Arcane → Highborne Elves (Integrated as ‘Night-Elves’ rejoined in Cataclysm). Not to mention Draenei hold pockets of great knowledge from their once tremendous empire too.
  • Elemental → Kul’Tirans for mastery over waters, Dark Iron for mastery over fire.
  • Death? → Welp, the Horde’s Forsaken may be born of it – but Kul’Tirans got that cosmology covered too with their druidic arts taking root in the domain of death. If that wasn’t ideal enough, worgen are also ultimate weapons to be used against any undead that arise from that field and are highly resistant (although not immune) to necromancy.

Bonus points goes to the fact that the new world tree belonging to the Night Elves is also born of a great ordeal of souls, poured into a pillar of creation – Forged in Ardenweald and nurtured in the Emerald Dream. We got the Night Elves pumping up a new city with many aspects twirling around the foundations of its birth. :metal:

You could argue “Yeah but the Horde has great TECHNOLOGY, with the aid of the goblins!” – but lets face it, compared to gnome ingenuity the goblins are trash. Not to mention majority of the time goblin tech blows up - Even when its not meant to, and would do so earlier than intended if it was.

The next argument could be: “The Horde has boons, and teachings from the Loa to take advantage of!” — Uh, as opposed to the wild gods that the Night Elves have had ties to for thousands of years? Psh’ okay. Not to mention Cenarius. The Wild Gods & Cenarius may be ‘neutral’ – but if their hand was forced, obviously they’re hunking down with the Alliance, as they are obviously closer.

:point_up_2: Also on the above subject, lets be honest – Despite many loa being straight up worshiped instead of just revered, the wild gods & cenarius have taught the Night Elves & the Alliance more than the Loa have the trolls or the Horde. Talk about embarrassing, amiright? :joy:

I use to think the coolest thing about Vulpera race was the ones that had a pirate & adventurous life-style, so they could at least have some bonus ‘Explorer’ & nomadic points than what the Tauren once held, but apparently the Horde don’t include those Vulpera in their ranks as they’re “Quitters!” for thinking outside the societal norm leaving Vol’dun (Despite doing the same, once joining the Horde lmao).

So there ya have it.

The Horde may touch areas in those fields too with various races – But the Alliance simply do it better, more thoroughly or flex it with more strength & embracement.

Feel free to add more:
— Towards the might & glory of the Alliance :muscle: and the sad diminishment of the Horde over the times, or the mere nerfing of the Horde & their races to what they could have been — If I’ve missed anything. :smiley:


The Goblins and Gnomes might be even as they’re sharing Mechagon technology. :wrench::robot::battery:

As soon as we get the Pandaren AR with their Carebear Stare we’re G O L D E N


Pretty sure the Nightborne are way more powerful in this regard.

And the horde has one of the most if not the most powerful shaman in the world.


Alliance are evil warmongering aggressors with an unhealthy bloodlust


The Shen’dralar are arguably the weakest of the surviving Highborne.

In losing their ancestral home, they also lost the one advantage they had: access to Azshara’s magical knowledge.


There’s no question that Blizzard’s writers and other development staff are overwhelmingly slanted in favor of the Alliance, yes.

What else is new.


Let’s be honest. Unless you’re an Orc or a Human, you should be praying that the writers aren’t paying attention to you because they’re gonna punch you and your race in the face and then wonder why you got mad.

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At some point they did go overboard with Alliance having backing of cosmic powers, mainly due to the Draenei, yes. Usually it was the Light, with the Humans and Anduin as well.

But I’d consider Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and generally the Horde overall to be master of the Elements- they have the best Shaman. Thrall, Cairne, etc.

And although Alliance does have Man’ari now, the Horde overall has had more Warlocks in the lore, and all of the Orcs were once part of that Fel group. Blood Elves too.

Same deal with Arcane/Mages- You’ve got Blood Elves & Nightborne on the same faction within the Horde. You can’t discount the Nightborne if you’re gonna talk the about the history of the Night Elves, because that’s most of the magic-users right there.

As for Death, the Horde have the Forsaken, Trolls/Zandalari have the death-god himself, Bwonsamdi lol, so yeah they kinda have that part down pat.

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You could have just said lightforged draenei and void elves. They’re the only ones truly infused by cosmic power, and not just using it.

Still weird to me that they’re on the same faction.


Don’t forget the Human Potential, Alliance has flood level amounts of it that nothing else can ever stop :slight_smile:

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85% of the population was destroyed though, I guess Blizzard isn’t finished yet.


I have some bad news for you.


Thrall is back around/un-retired, and Baine is still around.

And there’s Rokhan now, or w.e his name is. “Zappy Boi”

I feel its healthy-ish

I mean we call it HEROism


Baine isnt a shaman. Zappy Boi is a level 10 newbie shaman.

Thrall is still in his sulky “maybe I am a shaman. maybe I am not a shaman” phase.

Cairne is dead.

They are not cosmic forces.


However given Mechagnomes are sided with the Alliance now, I’d say the Goblins only got a limited amount before having the full-scale of the tech being funneled purely to the Alliance.

I’d probably say Nightborne & Draenei are evenly matched.
I mean, Nightborne may be strong but they’re no “We built a spaceship from tech, crystals, pure arcane power and a Naaru compass.” inventive.

Not to mention the Nightborne weren’t as diverse in their magical arts as other magi were. They seemed to be purely arcane, maybe time magic and there was that 1 guy who became a plant but those were apparently either the elite of their ranks or oddities. :woman_shrugging:

I mean I wouldn’t say that. Afterall — They’re surviving Highborne.
As for losing access to Azshara’s magical knowledge, there’s still magi amongst their ranks that learnt it and can pass down or rewrite that knowledge.

In combination with the Draenei’s arcane arts – along with Dalaran despite being declared ‘Neutral’ are mostly Alliance affiliated since the purge, they could amp up their magic scores beyond what the Horde can.

Humans I suppose are at least smiled upon by the Naaru, hence the faith of ‘The light’ that was born into their society.
Not to mention –

Sums it up pretty well.

Orcs … Well, they have small perks in each of their clans but aside from the heritage questline they don’t really get to explore that much — Unless perhaps you’re a Mag’har orc, but then you don’t get the heritage ‘Clan-Pride’ quest, AND you’re from a timeline where your whole entire race got smacked down with relative ease… Twice. :grimacing:

Well uh … As Akston said –

Thrall’s been nerfed and got pumped in Legion, and even when ‘restored’ wasn’t all too very impressive in Shadowlands either.

Cairne :eyes: … is dead. Not much to say there.

As for Cairne’s son, well speaking of Shadowlands – Baine got dropped like a turd for having no spiritual potential or anything special about his soul, despite being declared upon ‘The most spiritual people’ – Then literally went and sat in a corner for the majority of the expansion.

They use to have the spiritual side of shamanism working for them, and was referenced to make a come-back in the pre-shadowlands book with the shamans sensing unease in the spirit plane and the ancestors, along with perished souls screaming out for help — Yet who got the spotlight? That’s right: Death Knights.

Horde having Shamanism bragging rights is no more.

And Jaina pumps them both. That being said, the Nightborne & Blood elves tend to always get equally matched or trumped by the Alliance when there’s magic-content in the story. :slight_smile:


Thrall is sulky cuz he lost his axe in helya’s face


To be fair, it’s not like Alliance have used any of their cosmic weaponry in any meaningful way anyways.

The Vindicaar cannon is laughably used for player racial.

It’s WoW. It’ll never be meaningful lol.

He was competing with Sourfang for most emo orc of azeroth.

I mean. They cant or the story will implode.

All the deities, godlike beings, and super forces have been put on the Alliance. When it was still Horde vs Alliance the battle would have been over in 8 seconds. But that cant happen.