Alleria wears two belts


Don’t try to tell ME that Sylvanas is the crazy windrunner

(Milladee) #2

she’s just gonna put on more belts to spite you


Add about 20 more and she’ll be a Final Fantasy protagonist.

(Azhaar) #4

When you gotta make absolutely sure your pants stay up.

The Void is filled with stealthy pantsers.


I always figured it was standard fare to keep your pants up when dealing with the void to keep the tentacles away.

(Drakhar) #6

Kul Tirans also all wear multiple belts.

(Laurensa) #7

She had a kid, don’t shame her for her clever tummy-tuck device.


That explains everything.

(Darkor) #9

She does business with tentacled abominations from beyond space. SOME of us intend for our pants to remain in place while dealing with N’Zoth and their ilk.

(Kurukwa) #10

Gee, Alleria! How come your mom let’s you wear TWO belts?!

(Kädu) #11

Came here to post this