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**** First off please upgrade N’zoth personality from being a one dimensional character thinking and talking about all things “I am God”, void, shadow, and everything emo of that nature into being a complete mastermind (conceited, in complete control of the situation, and constantly planning the next step). Don’t show the players or anyone Ny’alotha just yet. Show short cutscenes of his apostles visiting the other old god’s prison instead. It’s going to disappoint everyone at first, but its all apart of the plan if you read to the end of this. **_

** Use your imaginations for this part**

** In the eventual fight with N’zoth why not make it something different? You know spice it up a bit for us? We fight 12 (apostle type) bosses in their own raid. For what I have planned the 3 C’thraxxi generals(you name) and N’zoth should be the only bosses in the next raid. We open with N’zoth monster form first, but how the fight starts he retreats far away while taunting us in the background. While we’re giving chase, using either geysers, wind, or both (50% movement speed boost) to jump from one platform to another, a mass storm of his adds, all variety from monsters (include slime type all the way up to faceless), then to humanoid (ex. void, shadow, fire forms), and finally The 3 C’thraxxi generals (the Triumvirate). We have to beat them in a timely matter (separate HP) since each dead general increases the other’s abilities by 25%. One is unaggroable (still attack-able) and randomly casts a “dimension change aoe” type attack. **
** **
** A fully released N’zoth should be around the size of a continent so fighting with normal weapons makes no sense. That’s like fighting a god with a toothpick. We could use those light mechasuits or something of that nature to blast him to roughly 75%. In the second phase a cutscene should happen where darkness swirls around him and it shrinks into a black ball and when it epically cracks open he takes on a humanoid form, Maintaining all his godly power and gaining more combat abilities at the size of our faction leaders/Garrosh Phase 1. As he lands on ground, he looks up at the suits with a cocky look and glowing eyes and unleashes a devastating attack that short circuits our mechasuits. **

** The phase finally begins where goblin and gnome engineers attempt to get the suits back online. We fight him in his humanoid form as he continues to taunt us. He has a ground phase where he unleashes devastating combos. Shared by the tanks he attacks with 3 chain AoE wave punches (straight line) and for the dps/healers he chains 2 AoE Wave kicks (240 degree shared damage). During his Aerial phase he radiates AoE void damage to us with each shockwave. One of his quotes should be around lines of “Nothing dies forever” and he resurrects the generals (50% stat down from original (no death benefit)) one at a time throughout the phase. We beat the generals, then we fight him to 50% hp. He freezes us in place and talks to us the players. This is where the first twist of the fight happens. After the conversation we get an option panel on our screen, Join N’zoth and resurrect the Black Empire or Remain loyal to your faction. Those who join N’zoth turn on their fellow raid members (PvP) and also fight the faction leaders and those who remain loyal continues the fight getting backed up by all faction leaders and NPC for the rest of the fight against N’zoth and his new champions. If the faction champions win they continue the fight to N’Zoth 25% If the Black Empire wins they take out faction leaders down to 1% not killing them and N’zoth stops them. The final twist of this fight is that both will share the epic cutscene of N’zoth boasting and then finally he opens all our eyes. He takes on his true form (empowered), raises Ny’alotha from the depths of the abyss and when it raises, all of the other old gods are released from their prisons. The elements start to go crazy and we have another cataclysm where the continents shift again and every zone takes on a different climate. This cutscene could be the opener for the next expansion and the new factions instead of Horde v Alliance the defenders of azeroth take on the faction name of Titan’s Fury(or whatever you think is better) and the champions/players that chose to side with N’zoth join the Black Empire which include allegiance to all old gods and void lords. After the cutscene the faction champions teleport to a safe location receives a loot chest and everything is left in a confusing, desperate manner. After the cutscene the Black Empire champions are told about the next steps of N’zoths plans for the Black Empire.**

_**P.S The climate change could also change zones for a better story and leveling experience (ex. Durotar is thriving now with an oasis and flourishes like moonglade (my personal favorite place in the game) or Thunderbluff). Other areas such as Feralas have snow like winterspring), Duskwood, Deadwind Pass, Desolace, and Swamp or Sorrows could also use an overhaul). ****

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Consider the notion that N’Zoth is, itself, merely an avatar of something that recognizes the value of remaining truly hidden.

Perhaps like the hidden hand that massages this very thread…