All soul binds reduced to 2 potency conduits max

They posted recently that they’re aware the legendary nerf was too big and will correct it

More like, People looking for anything to complain about be like:

Yep, I’m aware. That was posted before the posted that article.

The fact that they posted an article saying they overnerfed everything not an hour after the original post supports my silly statement. :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually they don’t say anything for at least a few days but you know.

Also… Log in and update your face you chihauhau lookin’ druid. :laughing:

They need a time consuming system to keep you playing so they can impress the shareholders. This expansion has a lot of grindy systems.

Shadowlands 2021 here we c o m e

Maybe it’s just me but if I wanted to make a game I’d want to make sure that people want to play the hell out if it.

This expac has so much cool stuff going for it but it’s being bogged down by grindy, player limiting systems.

They’re choosing the “you’re invested so you’ll keep grinding if we gate everything” over the " it’s just fun AF so I can’t put it down" method