All soul binds reduced to 2 potency conduits max

Hold up, the reasoning here is that they want us to try to use 1 soulbind for multiple specs?

Sounds to me just like even more convoluted reaching to avoid having to ‘pull the ripcord’.


Blizzard trying to balance this mess of a system they created be like:


if they’re going to make everything new boring by hammering away any outliers, they shouldn’t put the system in the game at all.

At this point, shadowlands might be better without covenants.

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Yep. Apparently they already started “tuning” by nerfing the good ones into the ground. Because can’t feel bad about your choice if all abilities are useless, right? Of course the system could have been fun if they had just disconnected the gameplay systems from covenant choice, but they’ve already told us they aren’t going to do that before launch.


Lets be honest, that was always the only way they were going to get/keep them balanced.


Whoa now, we can’t be bringing logic into this alright?


Yea, people called it months ago. The sad thing is we could have exciting, fun abilities if they weren’t tied to covenant choice.


This seems to be their solution to balancing covenants, make everything weak and boring so it matters less which one you pick.

As far as im concerned you could either have 4 powerful situation choices you can swap around or 4 weak, meaningless choices your locked into.

And before some looney comes in here with their “1% min-maxers are ruining the game!1!”, Multiplayer games need some semblance of balance and right now on the beta the difference between good and bad covenants is outrageous.


This is the worst change I could possibly imagine.

It doesn’t make dual spec better.

It just makes your borrowed power less powerful. So we’re all just playing bad, incomplete specs that needed additional power we no longer have access to.

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Man. They nerfed one of the legendaries I intended on using on a character by something like 700%. It takes like 3 minutes of combat to proc now.

Made what was a good legendary into complete trash. lmao


So they created another “fix” for a problem they created, that literally nobody wants. Reducing potency sockets in favor of finesse/endurance sockets just REMOVES player choice. Those sockets are typically avoided for a reason, THEY ARE BORING AND BAD.

Instead of listening to Beta feedback (Hey Blizz, invite?) since what feels like the Alpha, they continue to make awkward and bad decisions to attempt to bandaid fix a symptom of the issue instead of the issue.


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The Priest legendary graveyard has 2 Disc legendaries (Cauterizing Shadows, Kiss of Death) that were nerfed into uselessness. A few others that are just weak right now. Shadow might have just had a legendary nerfed into useless with today’s patch, I’ll wait for SimC work before stating that definitively.

Legendaries seem like a mess right now. Are none of them going to do anything?

There’s no such thing as pulling the ripcord.

At the end of the day, if balance is viewed as attainable or at least outliers are hammered, all this time and energy could be invested into the actual class systems and designs rather than layers of garbage and nonsense that is AARP. Simply make leveling require clearing every new zone, make cool stories, and put in a new ability and some talents or complete resets.

The craftable leggo system could be cool and customizable, as could making gems in glyphs for real statistical customization. Which is a much smaller thing to tweak than 95 layers of nonsense for what ultimately amounts to the same thing. Then maybe, just maybe, you could put in housing and/or a follower system with some level of the original game’s rts to it and have it be more than busy work.

I mean there’s other things like secondary stats that need to be made more interesting, but instead of massive chomps, little nibbles would be better. And I sure as hell wouldn’t ditch the previous patches of any expansion, which is one thing both classic and BC handle better with awesome gear remaining awesome throughout.

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ShADoWlAnDs Is oNlY bAd fOr MiNmAxErS.

PiCk THe oNe YoU LiKe!!!

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I want to but… You know…

Anti-synergy with my spec and all.

It’s a dumb analogy to begin with because if you don’t pull the ripcord you die horribly.

Why is it that we can all see it so easily and yet Blizzard has so much trouble figuring it out?


Because we don’t have to sell every cash outlay to accounting, and we don’t have to fight employees working for below the regional poverty line to actually turn our visions into reality.

The more simple streamlined version most forum posts look for is probably ignoring that the Legion Artifact AARP system was sold as an investment that had to be the game’s basis for 10 years minimum or something to satisfy profit margin projections. Which is why it won’t go away and just keeps getting reskinned with more layers of dumb every expac.

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Our egos aren’t invested like theirs are

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