All healers should have atonement as a passive

All healers should have atonement as a passive. I believe this would help increase healer participation in arena and solo shuffle. It would allow for healers to feel like they can more actively contribute to a win vs playing to not-die.

Allow up to 100% of healer damage done to heal teammates with certain healer buffs on them (for example, rsham atonement heals targets with riptide/earthshield, rdru on targets with lifebloom, hpr w renew, etc). Maybe consider having these atonement heals be not (or less) affected by dampening to encourage aggressive support play.

All healers don’t need to be fistweavers, but it would be nice to have a little more focus on contributing damage than just healing and cc. Maybe it’s just a skill issue for me, but I feel like currently I am discouraged from trying to weave in as much damage as I’d like as it’s so easy to fall behind to high spike damage.

It’s time to move away from ‘healer’ and move more towards ‘support.’


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You’re a fan of the ‘sit max range and pve until oom or dampening ends the game’ style of play, i take it?

In that case, let all dps suffer their queues in silence and let’s speak no more of absurd queue times.


That’s being quite disingenuous. Implying that RSS Q times are somehow tied to a Healer’s inability to do damage in RSS is nothing short of ridiculous. What’s really happening here is you trying to present your personal problem as if it was much bigger and more prevalent issue. It’s not.

don’t think dps feasibility for healers is gonna ‘drawn them in’

at least not with every healer i’ve run into or know

most I know just want healing to be a bit easier and MMR not so frustrating to gain in shuffle

I’m honestly in this batch as well

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There’s no reason it needs to draw in every healer, but it gives another avenue of attraction and an additional way for healers who choose to impact the outcome of a match (edit* without being so heavily punished for not ‘healing’ as they are now. It can be very difficult to find windows where you have globals to damage without enormous risk).

For every healer who would prefer to sit back and heal, I’m sure there are just as many who would like to do damage as well.

Healers aren’t playing RSS for 3 reasons:

  1. Healers who aren’t way better than their MMR climb slower than DPS in the same situation.

  2. It’s harder to heal random players than btags. The appeal of healing is taking on a role most people don’t want to play in exchange for making friends, etc. easier.

  3. Healer disparity is so vast that only the most meta 1-2 classes get to queue into RSS and feel strong. Everyone else has to struggle.

RSS removes all the benefits of healing.


cept q times my friend, cept the q times

literally only reason I only play healers in shuffle

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I agree with you on points 1 and 3. Point 2 seems more like two separate ideas to me though. For my part, I like the role. I like healing. But with solo shuffle, like you say, it’s harder to heal randoms than people in disc, so I think it would be nice for healers to have more aggressive options than we currently have in the role.

Is atonement for healers a fix-all for the role and solo shuffle queue times? no, not even close, but it does make healing a more interesting and engaging role, imo. The great thing about atonement for all would be that the mechanic is entirely optional to engage with. If you don’t scale healing above 100% with the damage, then in almost all scenarios you would be losing HPS to do damage, keeping pure healing the safer option, but giving less risk for those who want to hit damage as well.

With the unpredictable nature of solo shuffle players and games, reducing some risk to doing damage/other offensive contributions from healers allows them to more directly impact outcomes of the matches (which feels good in a role that often times feels like it lacks some agency) and gives another avenue for non-S tier healers to overcome and outplay a healer with stronger HPS or mana pool.

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While I agree Blizz needs to improve healer agency in RSS homogenizing all the healing specs is not the way to do it. You can give healers reasonable DPS patterns be it a burst window like Resto Shammy has with Stormbringer, or a more consistent option like Disc has to keep them unique and effective.

The issue, however, is that DPS players will never accept healer being anything but their slave lackies. The moment a healer becomes anything close to resembling self sufficient they will cry nerf and blizzard doesn’t have the stones to call them out for their stupidity and tell them this is exactly how the game NEEDS to be for RSS to be healthy.


Not that bad of an idea, they could honestly give paladin a second healer spec or give holy new talents to make it similar to brigeta in overwatch, where she runs in melee and does a bit of aoe healing while being able to also on demand heal. Fistweavers should get removed!

This would basically ruin the uniqueness of Disc.
Disc players would not be happy with this.

What they should do is ALLOW for the option of damage builds for healers. So they can go high risk high reward. If you want to weave in damage you will have to do it smartly and potentailly sacrifice some healing talents. This is how it should be.

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fistweavers have already opened that door and there’s no reason disc couldn’t do it the best

Chanx is just a troll legitmately, safe to ignore.

OT: This is a good idea on paper but the problem still lies in that its a healers responsibility to be the health filler upper role. Adding more and more responsibilities to healers just makes them harder to play at a floor level and they are already incredibly hard to learn.

Pound for pound healers are already far stronger than DPS individually. Giving them more damage (or rather, a reliable damage to heal ratio which is effectively more damage when you dont have to use those GCDS to heal) with no trade offs is just going to create more frustrating encounters with them esp outside of arena where dampening is the only way currently to truly to curb their power.

yeah @kennypowers but that is my point…fistweaving is a build where u sacrifice something. Not just some blanket atonement that all healers get. So honestly fistweaving is a good example. They should give a damage build option to all other healers that is actually viable. But also creative and true to the class lore. Like Rdruid damage being transfered into hots or something but u take a hit on total HPS output.

This would give rise to some super interesting comps and playstyles

If I wanted to do this, I’d play Discipline Preist.

My Restoration Druid is just fine.
I can juggle Resto and Balance, just fine.

I dont want my class to be shoe horned into another ome because other people dont know how to play my class.

One of the biggest mistakes recent MMOs have made was to remove Healers from their roles.
Guold Wars 2 had to back track because of it.
Other games have died because of it.

Healers and Supports are not the same.

Want to Support? Play Augmentation Evoker.

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I think all healers should have an interaction with damage on some level.

Either doing damage increases healing

or doing healing by dealing damage

most already do though to be honest

This is a good idea imo.

Firstly, Atonement is a very cool mechanic. Secondly, if I could choose between a healer that can heal while contributing to damage, and a healer that can only heal, why would I ever choose the latter?

It seems like the kind of thing you can’t balance healers around unless they all have the function. If we could aim atonement at periods of low group damage as a way to keep the group topped off while conserving their mana, I think that could work nicely for a general mechanic for all healers.

Yes please give all healers atonement :wink:

Actually have no idea why people think healers play healers to do damage